Kevin Stallings Monday Press Conference

Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings addressed the media on Monday. Look inside for a transcript of his comments.

Opening comments. 


We are obviously coming off a good week; we go on the road and get two wins.  So now we get to go back to the drawing board and see if we can fix and modify and make better this week.  You don't necessarily like the bye week when things are going well; I do like the bye week when things aren't going so well, but nevertheless we have it and we'll turn our attention to Auburn a little bit later in the week but we're going to focus on us until then.  This will be a good chance for us to hopefully get better.  We know Auburn is a very good and very, dangerous team and we always seem to have very competitive games with them.  We know when that time comes next weekend we know it'll be a very tough game, hard fought game but right now the focus needs to be on us and what we need to make us better.


On the numerous close games around the league.


I just think that once you get to league play you are going to see a lot of close games.  Obviously you there are going to be some that aren't close but you are going to see a lot of close games.  Everything just sort of seems to come back to the middle when you get to league play.   I don't mean that  [as in] records, or anything like that, but in terms of knowledge of one another. Everybody seems to be able to take away things from everybody else.  It just makes for closer games. So I'm not surprised at all, I think that's generally that's what you will see when you get to league play, a lot of very close, hard-fought games.


On Vanderbilt's 3-0 start and handling success.


I've been impressed with their poise and composure. We've grown up a lot from a year ago when we had a lot of freshmen running around there playing.  They seem like they have gotten more mature and understand the value of a 40-minute basketball game and you are right, we've weathered some pretty good punches from some people and been able to kind of sustain and come back find a way to overcome things.  I've been impressed and proud of what they've done this far. 


On not getting carried away with good start.


I think if you are in unfamiliar territory there is a danger of thinking too many good thoughts, I want our players thinking good thoughts about themselves and about our group but I don't want us to think that we've really done anything yet because it's a 16 game marathon and we're not even 25 percent of the way home yet.  We've got a long, long way to go and the road just keeps getting tougher. 


What things do you attribute the 3-0 start to?


I would say finding ways to win, which sounds kind of stupid, I guess, but we've been able to win high scoring games and we've been able to win low scoring games.  I guess if I had to pick out one thing we've done well from a technical standpoint that we've done will it's we've done a great job getting to the foul line.  I want to say we've gotten to the foul line maybe 95 times or so in three games.  I think our free throw differential has been the thing that has really aided us the most and that's happened a lot because of A.J., because A.J. has given us a really good presence inside. Top Stories