Chase White talks official to Vandy

Vanderbilt welcomed all their commits over the weekend for official visits. Offensive lineman Chase White of Plano West high school was one of those commits and spoke with VandyMania about his experiences in Nashville.

White talked about some of the activities that took place while he visited the Commodore campus and Nashville, "We took a tour of the campus. We had bunch of players from the team take us to kind of show us around the city, which was pretty cool because we got a better vive of the city.

The 6-foot-five, 260 pound lineman said he hit it off well with all his fellow future Commodore teammates but became fond of Grant Ramsay, who like White, is an offensive lineman, "we became really good friends and we are going to be rooming together next year."

White has heard the stories of Bradley Roby and others who have reneged on their commits to Vanderbilt but says he is still solidly committed to Vanderbilt, "After I committed to Vanderbilt I had been in talks with Oklahoma State and others places but after that I completely severed all ties with all other schools. I stopped talking to everybody completely. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten other offers but after that I didn't want to play around with anybody and make them (the VU coaches) have second thoughts about me."

As for his upcoming freshman season White has been told by the Vanderbilt coaches to, "be ready" but he also understands that a redshirt year is a likely possibility, "Of course they would like to redshirt all of us but if that doesn't happen we are all going to be ready to go."

Being a big guy and a person whose build requires a substantial number of calories, White was particularly interested in the dining experience at Vanderbilt. He came away impressed and excited about his future culinary accommodations, "I got a taste of how much food they give their players this weekend, all we did was eat. If you want to pack on the pounds you have to eat a lot and eat we did. He (Chef Majid Noori) gave us a great breakfast on Saturday morning and I saw anything you could think of, they had crab, quail, and seafood, anything you could think of for breakfast. They don't hold back anything when feeding their players. They sure do know how to feed people."

White is excited about his future at Vanderbilt and about his future team, "It's a great school. I think we have a great class coming in and I don't see anything but good things coming out of this team." Top Stories