Vanderbilt Hoops in the Rankings & Ratings

Ratings and rankings are very important in the world of college basketball. The NCAA selection committee relies heavily on both of them when deciding which teams will make it to the Big Dance. Let's take a look at how the Vanderbilt men and women's basketball teams are looking in the rankings and ratings.

Vanderbilt Men

Rating service2/11/261/191/512/2412/14
RealTimeRPI.com20243255 69 37
Pomeroy 232822217163
AP18212650 NR NR
ESPN/USA Today202328NR NR NR
Sagarin15241943 73 66
Pugh19232257 73 61
Dokter19232122 51 49
Roundtable21251932 69 56
Moore1918161933 35
CollegeRPI.com14272150 55 36
Superlist22213453 76 68
Dunkel23203641 38 39
Don's take19202123 39 38

Vanderbilt Women

Rating service2/11/261/191/512/2412/14
RealTimeRPI.com27222319 18 17
AP29292117 19 18
ESPN/USA Today24202216 16 17
Sagarin30312632 43 37
Moore25211616 18 18
Fullcourt.comNRNRNRNR NR NR
Don's take 242420192324

NOTE: Different ratings are changing or being updated at different times of the week, hence the linked rankings/ratings may not match what is listed on this page.

Don's take: This is Don Yates' own hunch as to what this VU team's ranking/rating should be.

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