VU victory – in Van Chancellor's own words

After the Commodores knocked No. 21 LSU out of the SEC Tournament during the Lady Tigers' first game of the weekend, colorful Head Coach Van Chancellor vocalized about Vandy at length in his opening statement and in answer to why the Commodores appear to do better in the tournament than in regular season play. And we quote:

"Vanderbilt out-coached us tonight, out-hustled us, outplayed us. I thought Melanie Balcomb did a much better job with their team than I did with mine.

They played last night in overtime. They out-rebounded us. They out-carried us. They did everything you ought to do. I'm fully responsible. We couldn't get a stop. Marsh got what I thought she'd get. [Jence] Rhoads was pretty good. The kid we couldn't stop was 15 [Hannah Tuomi]. She did a heck of a job.

Vandy? They got all the heart and character in the world and they play a matchup. But let me tell you this. We practiced for Vandy all freaking week, so that ain't an excuse.

They come out and get in this conference tournament, and they just play their heart out. [Merideth] Marsh is going to make shots. [Jence] Rhoads is going to play; and then their post players were just rebounding.

[Melanie Balcomb] just does a great job. That's why I pulled so hard for Arkansas last night. They just play. They get in this baby and they bring it. They don't overlook nobody. They play. They've had as much success as anybody in this league in this tournament, compared to what I would say where they've been seeded.

They've never come in here seeded first much. They've been seeded three, four and five. They're going to play Tennessee tomorrow night. Don't kid yourself. They gonna play tomorrow. I don't know if they can stop the biggest giants in the world playing women's basketball today, but they gonna play man. Don't worry about it. They gonna play smart.

They ain't going to be fouling when they shouldn't be fouling. Their key players get three fouls, they ain't taking any more fouls. They aint' going to be trying to draw a charge. They ain't going to be blocking. They just play smart. They play really, really smart, and they know exactly where they want to get the ball to."

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