2011 Intro: WR/S William Foster

The Vanderbilt coaching staff has been keeping a close eye on this two-way star out of South Carolina. Inside, you will learn more about the Palmetto State prospect, and his relationship with the ‘Dores early on…

Vanderbilt fans meet William Foster, a 6-0, 165 pound WR/S prospect out of CE Murray High School, located in Greeleyville, South Carolina. Foster is another Palmetto State prospect that the Vanderbilt Commodores have been keeping a close eye on.

The relationship between Foster and the Commodores started back in the fall of '09, when they invited him out to the campus for a visit. And needless to say, the Greeleyville, SC native accepted the invitation, and took the road trip out to Nashville, Tennessee. "I went up to Vanderbilt sometime in November of last year," the talented playmaker said. "They had invited me out to a football game last year. I went up there with my dad and my brother."

Foster's trip to Vandy last November was his first time on campus ever. And during his visit, he had a chance to see several sides of Vanderbilt. And pointless to say, he was not disappointed…

"The trip went real well," Foster said. "We took a tour of the school, and had a chance to see some of their facilities. We also had a chance to talk with some of the coaches and the players a little bit. And of course we had a chance to watch the game. The atmosphere up there was great. I really had a great time up there."

Outside of Foster's interest from the Vanderbilt, the 2011 standout has been receiving interest from several other programs throughout the country. "Illinois, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, UCLA, and Charleston Southern," Foster shared with VandyMania.com. "There are a few others, but those are the only ones I can remember right now."

Foster shared that he has probably been receiving the most recruiting attention from Vanderbilt early on. But however, he also informed us that two of the programs aforementioned have been sending tons of letters to his residence as well… "Illinois and UCLA," he said. "Those two schools along with Vanderbilt have probably been showing me the most attention so far."

Last fall, Foster caught 13 passes for 293 yards (22.5 YPC) and 5 touchdowns on a team that rarely went to the air. On the defensive side of the ball he recorded 45 tackles and 5 interceptions. He also had a little bit of shine as a punt returner, where his averaged was16.5 yards a return. Having said all of that, one question comes to mind. Which position will the two-way star play in college?

"Well Vanderbilt, Illinois and a few other schools have been recruiting me as a wide receiver," Foster said. "But UCLA has been recruiting me as a safety. Really, I'd prefer to play wide receiver in college. I love playing wide receiver. If you throw it up near me, I'll go and get it (laughing)…But if I have to play DB in college, that's fine too. I'll play wherever the team needs me play…"

Stay tuned with VandyMania.com for the very latest recruiting news regarding this Palmetto State prospect. We will certainly provide you with more in the near future, should things continue to heat up between this young man and the ‘Dores.

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