Florida Prep Star Has Interest In Vandy

With one SEC offer in hand, could it simply be a matter of time for this 5-11, 195 pound Interlachen High star to land another one from the top conference in all of college football?

With one SEC offer in hand already, could the Vanderbilt Commodores be the next SEC school in line to extend an offer to Interlachen High RB prospect, Kion Williams? "I've been getting a lot of letters from Vanderbilt lately," Williams shared with VandyMania.com. "I'm not sure whether they've talked to my coach or not, but they've already requested for my transcript; stuff like that." 

Arkansas was the first program to offer the 5-11, 195 pound running back from out of the Sunshine State a full ride "They offered me back in February," Williams said. "They offered me right after the UnderArmour Combine." 

Kion informed VandyMania.com that he has also been receiving tons of letters from several other top-notched programs like Tennessee, Florida, South Florida, and Duke, to name a few.  

As you can see, Williams is not lacking any attention on the recruiting front. And he is quite certain his stock will continue rising as time progresses.   

Although it is fairly early in the recruiting game for Williams, he has come up with an early top five. However though, he made certain we understood that his lists of favorites are in no particular order… "Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Duke, and Vanderbilt," Williams shared.

The Florida prep star went on to share what he likes about each program… 

Florida: "Florida is a good school that has a strong program every year. A lot of people have been saying that they're my dream school; because my uncle went there. But that's not true. They're a great school and everything, but I wouldn't go as far as saying they're my dream school." 

Arkansas: "Arkansas is a pretty good school. And they play in the best conference." 

Tennessee: "I haven't really communicated with them a whole lot, but I know they're a good school and they compete in the SEC." 

Vanderbilt: "Another good school that competes in the SEC. And they have great academics." 

Duke: "They are an up and coming program in the ACC. And their coaches seem pretty cool. They stress academics a lot at Duke, and I like that about them." 

Williams doesn't have any plans locked in stone for the summer, but he has been contemplating whether or not to make a trip to Nashville. "It's very possible," Williams said of his chances to visit Vanderbilt. "I haven't received a camp brochure from them yet, but I'm really thinking about camping with them this summer."  

We will keep you posted on the latest regarding this gifted prospect out of Interlachen High School, so stay tuned for much more. 

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