S.C. LB Drawing Attention from Vanderbilt

Word on the street is that the Commodores plan to bring in two, possibly three linebackers for their 2011 recruiting class. And one athlete in particular who has a legitimate shot fill one of those slots hails from the state of South Carolina.

As the Vanderbilt Coaching staff continues to scour the earth in search of linebacker prospects for their 2011 recruiting class, one particular candidate who has been grasping their attention lately resides in the Palmetto State. And this young man goes by the name of Marcus Bullard.

Bullard, the 6-3, 200 pound athlete from out of Spring Valley High School (Columbia, S.C.) is being recruited primarily by coach Ted Cain from the Vanderbilt coaching staff. And the two of them have had quite a few opportunities to get acquainted with one another. The first time the two of them met face-to-face was at Vanderbilt's Junior Day, when Bullard and his family took the 7-hour trek to Nashville. And though he was not fond of the 7-hour drive at first, he was certainly happy that he made the trip after all. Especially after seeing everything Vanderbilt had to offer.

"The campus was just amazing," Bullard said. "They have a real nice looking campus. And my dad loved it up there too. I got to meet coach Cain in person for the first time. I also got to meet coach Johnson, and coach Fowler. They're all extremely nice people. While I was up there I also I learned a lot about the academic side of things. I really had a great time up there on my visit."

The Commodores did not offer Bullard while he was on his visit in Nashville. But nevertheless, the coaching Staff has been keeping a close eye on the gifted athlete. In fact the Spring Valley High star informed us that coach Cain was recently in the Palmetto State during the evaluation period, checking on him during one of their practice sessions this past spring. So apparently, that must mean something… "They told me that I am pretty high on their recruiting list," Bullard said. "To my understanding, I think they may only take two or three linebackers for their 2011 class. But I'm not 100 percent sure. So I think that's pretty good sign to me."

Apparently coach Johnson and company finds Bullard to be quite an intriguing prospect. However, it appears as if they are not quite convinced to pull the trigger just yet. This probably explains why they have invited the Columbia, S.C. native back out to Nashville to participate in one of their prospect camps. "They want me to come out to one of their camps and workout this summer," Bullard informed VandyMania.com. "I'm going up to their camp on July 23rd."

Vanderbilt won't be the only place where Bullard plans to make a stop this summer. "I'm going to Wake Forest's camp this summer," Bullard said. "Wake Forest is the only school that's offered me. So I'm definitely going up there for a camp. I also plan to go to North Carolina State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Wofford, and Duke for camps. Maryland also invited me up for a camp, so I might fly out there for a workout. And I may go to one or two more, but I'm not certain."

Bullard informed VandyMania that he is a family oriented person, and that he would mind staying close to home to attend college. So with that in mind, he has been giving the two major universities in his home state a long look; Clemson and South Carolina.

Clemson: "I'd like to hear more from Clemson. My dad played on the '81 Championship team, and my mom also went to Clemson. Clemson is a real good school. I went up there for a camp, and I really loved it up there."

South Carolina: "I'd also like to hear more from South Carolina too. I plan to major in business, and they have one of the best business programs in the country. And South Carolina is right up the street from where I live, I'd be able to come home every weekend if I wanted to. Everyday if I wanted to…"

Although Bullard seems very intrigued about the idea of staying close to home, he is certainly not ruling out anyone at the moment. Everyone still has a legitimate shot for his services, including the Commodores. That is, if they decide to offer the rising senior out of Spring Valley... "I'd like to be close to home," Bullard shared. "But if Vanderbilt was to offer me a full ride, I'd definitely have to re-consider... If they were to offer, I don't think distance would be much of a factor anymore."

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