Vandy Taking SC WR a Little More Serious!

When we last spoke with wide receiver Jessie Pernell of North Augusta high school, the talented wideout wasn't hearing from the Vandy coaching staff as much as he would have liked to. However, apparently all of that has changed. Come inside to get the latest scoop on the relationship between the North Augusta star, and the Vanderbilt coaching staff.

During our last segment with North Augusta high wide receiver prospect, Jessie Pernell, the 6-foot-1, 170 pound wideout informed us that he had camped with the ‘Dores last summer. After having such a grand time on campus last summer, the rising senior enlightened us that he has been making preparations to return to Nashville again this summer to camp with the Commodores.

One other thing we learned while speaking with Pernell was that he wasn't hearing from the Vandy coaching staff quite as much as he would have liked to. Apparently all of that has changed. "Coach Ted Cain called a couple of times," Pernell shared with "He also came by for our senior cookout."

As you can see, Vandy's interest in Pernell has increased a bit.

As we mentioned earlier, Pernell plans to be back in Nashville this summer for one of the ‘Dores 2010 camp sessions. And unlike last summer he hopes to take a tour of the campus so he can get an up close look at what VU has to offer.

Pernell shared that VMI, Furman, and Georgia Southern are just a few of the other programs that have been giving him a serious look early on. However, none of them have pulled the trigger.

We will have more on Pernell's performance in Nashville sometime in the near future. Should anything interesting happen VandyMania will be the first to let you know.

NOTE: Pernell is a solid performer inside of the classroom. The rising senior is currently holding down a 3.5 overall GPA, and has a 3.0 core GPA. And as far as his test scores are concerned, the talented student-athlete reports a 970 (Math/Critical Reading) on the SAT, and a 22 on the ACT. Top Stories