Where does Vandy stand with Mack Crowder?

Good linemen are hard to come by these days. One of the top linemen in the state of Tennessee is Mack Crowder. A 3-star Scout.com prospect who has offers from 14 schools, Crowder recently took the time to answer several questions from VandyMania.com.

Don Yates: What do you feel makes you a great player?
Mack Crowder: I am explosive off the ball. I get to linebackers before they can read the play. I can get downfield after a pass play to help break the run after the ball is caught. I'm a good pass protector and have not given up any sacks during my high school years. I block until the whistle blows and then finish strong. My older brothers, who also play college football, made me stronger and more athletic.

DY: What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
MC: It is a great academic school that plays SEC football. It's like an Ivy League school in the SEC. I get along really good with the coaches. I think they are men of high integrity and great character.

DY: When did Vanderbilt offer?
MC: They were the first! It was during basketball season. It was the week after the Vanderbilt-Kentucky home basketball game. I went to watch that game with some other 'VIP' Recruits. Coach Caldwell implied they might be offering and then later that week they officially made the offer.

DY: What position are you being recruited to play at Vanderbilt?
MC: Center / Guard.

DY: What are some of your stats/awards/recognition from your junior season?
MC: All Northeast Tennessee, All Conference, All Bristol Herald Courier (All Region) - Zero Sacks, 24 Pancake Blocks, The Johnson City Press HOG AWARD, Team Eagle Award for Outstanding Play vs. Dobyns-Bennett, and Player of the Game: Tennessee High vs. Sullivan South.

DY: Have you visited Vanderbilt?
MC: Yes, three times. All visits were great. The first visit was the 'VIP' Recruit trip where I received a tour of the football facilities and academic facilities. It was during this first trip that I began to understand the quality of the school and coaching staff. I also attended the Vanderbilt-Kentucky basketball game. On my second trip, I went with both parents and we got to watch the Spring Game intra-squad scrimmage. It was exciting. I spent more time with Coach Caldwell during this trip. He has a great relationship with his players. The third trip, I went with both parents and both brothers. We all toured around the campus, had a cookout with the team, and got to watch some exciting highlights.

DY: What are your favorite schools right now?
MC: Currently I have 14 official offers. I'm trying to look at most of the schools the same right now, but I have to be honest and say that Vanderbilt is definitely in the top. Until I have more time to evaluate some other schools I'm going to keep an open mind for right now. This is a big decision.

DY: When do you think you'll make your decision?
MC: Right now I'm targeting sometime before the beginning of my senior season even though that could change depending on how much time I've had to visit and get to know some of the schools and coaches that have offered.


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