New head coach's letter to Vanderbilt fans

This morning Vanderbilt sent an email from new head coach Robbie Caldwell to thousands of Vanderbilt fans. The letter contains evidence that the Commodore players are rallying around their new coach. Look inside to read that letter.

Dear Vanderbilt Fans,

The last 48 hours have indeed been a whirlwind for our coaches and the student-athletes on the Commodore football team.

At the same time, I think every Vanderbilt fan should know how incredibly excited I am to have the opportunity to coach the 2010 football team. Our players share my enthusiasm.

This morning, 76 members of your Commodore football team awoke before the sun rose to take part in a voluntary workout on campus. John Sisk, our excellent conditioning director, said it was the most players ever at a single offseason workout in his nine years at Vanderbilt. John also said the team attitude could not have been better. I can assure you the Commodores are preparing as they should for the 2010 season.

Personally, I am so excited about this season. While we will miss Coach Johnson's leadership, you should know that the rest of our staff remains intact - and we are moving forward smoothly as we transition toward fall camp and game preparation.

As Vanderbilt's interim head coach, I want all you to know that we have a talented and eager football team. Collectively, the players and coaches are focused on having a successful year and are anxious to kick off the season on September 4th vs. Northwestern in Vanderbilt Stadium.

As a Vanderbilt fan, you play an important role in our success! As your football coach, I want to encourage all of you to support this team by purchasing season tickets. The players appreciate you in the stands cheering them on.

If you know of friends who enjoy supporting the Commodores or might want to become a fan of Vanderbilt Athletics, encourage them to get behind this team by purchasing tickets.

In closing, I want to thank everyone for the warm reception that my family and I have received since taking over these new duties. I look forward to seeing each of you in Vanderbilt Stadium this season.

Go Commodores!

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