Vanderbilt winning the East not so crazy

The SEC media submitted their predicted order of finish for the conference on Friday. Glancing at the overall vote tally, as expected you can see Alabama and Florida picked to win their divisions and Vanderbilt picked at the bottom of the SEC East. But wait, what's this? Who's the rascal who cast a first place vote for Vandy? That's crazy! or is it?

Can Vanderbilt win the SEC East this season? Call me crazy but crazier things have happened in college football. While it likely won't happen it could. Here's why it could:

Innovative coaching: While Caldwell has never been a football head coach, Vanderbilt has a solid coaching staff. These guys have been to a bowl together before and know what has to be done to do it. They also know that they must improve the anemic Commodore offense if they want to be employed come December. They will get it done because they have to get it done.

Solid Players: Contrary to popular belief, Vandy's cupboard is far from bare. RBs Warren Norman and Zac Stacy are playmakers. They have the speed and moves to take it to end zone anytime they touch the ball. Tight ends Brandon Barden and Austin Monahan both could play anywhere in the SEC. On defense LBs Chris Marve and John Stokes, defensive tackle T.J. Greenstone and a tough Vanderbilt secondary give VU a chance in every game. Kicker Ryan Fowler is solid and his foot could mean a couple more victories for Vandy. Vanderbilt also has their best recruiting class in the modern era coming in. Several of the incoming frosh could have an instant, positive impact for the Commodores.

Here's how Vandy's SEC schedule could pan out.

LSU (Nashville)- Vanderbilt, fresh off a season opening win over Northwestern faces LSU at home. An overconfident Tiger team, which lost 7 defensive starters, is stunned by a motivated Commodore squad, 17-13. Freshman wide receiver Jonathan Krause catches a 17-yard touchdown pass to put Vandy on top late. 1-0 SEC.

Ole Miss (Oxford)- The Rebs have just two offensive starters returning from a squad that struggled somewhat in Nashville last year. Memphis products John Stokes and Chris Marve lead the Commodores to a 13-10 win. 2-0 SEC.

Georgia (Athens)- Georgia traditionally struggles against Vanderbilt in years after dominating wins over Vandy. The Bulldogs, coming off a big victory over Tennessee, are stunned by Vanderbilt, 23-20. 3-0 SEC.

South Carolina (Nashville)- The Commodores have beaten the Gamecocks two of the last three years and controversial officiating played a role in last year's 14-10 Vandy loss in Columbia. South Carolina native Robbie Caldwell gets a 20-17 victory over his home state team. 4-0 SEC.

Arkansas (Fayetteville)- The Hogs are good and Vanderbilt finally suffers a conference loss, 27-13. Would the Commodore season start to nose dive like it did in 2008? 4-1 SEC.

Florida (Nashville)- Florida has suffered through the season without Tim Tebow and already have two conference losses, but the Gators hold off Vanderbilt, 24-21. 4-2 SEC.

Kentucky (Lexington)- New head coach Joker Phillips just hasn't gotten it done for the 3-7 Wildcats. Vandy's defense batters the UK offense and the Commodore come home with a 13-3 victory and sparkling 6-1 SEC record. 5-2 SEC.

Tennessee (Nashville)- Like UK's Phillips, Derek Dooley has been a flop at Tennessee. UT is 4-6 and has problems handling Vanderbilt's tough defense. A Warren Norman kickoff return seals a 27-20 Vanderbilt win. 6-2 SEC.

While Vandy gets it done, here's how the other SEC East team's schedules could end up:

Florida- Losses to Alabama, LSU and Georgia.

Tennessee- Losses to LSU, Georgia, USC, Florida, Vanderbilt.

USC- Losses to Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Vanderbilt.

Kentucky- Losses to Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Tennessee.

Georgia- Losses to Arkansas, Auburn and Vanderbilt.

Looking at the above scenario it does not seem too far fetched. Will it happen? Probably not. However, if Vandy can pull off a couple of early season upsets and get things going, you never know.

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