Marcus Bullard talks Vanderbilt

This Palmetto State talent took his skill set on the road to a number of camps this summer, and one of his stops was in Nashville. Get the latest news inside, courtesy of your friends from

It has been one hectic summer for Marcus Bullard. The Spring Valley High senior has been all over the Southeast region camping with colleges of various levels. The first camp that the 6-3 gifted playmaker reflected on was Maryland. "My dad and I flew up to Maryland for one-day camp," Bullard told "I really liked it up there. It was a beautiful place. It was a great experience."

Bullard went on to share with us some of the other programs he camped with while taking his 2010 summer tour. "I also went to Clemson, Furman, N.C. State, Duke, Wake Forest, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Richmond," he added.

So many places, so little time… But if Mr. Bullard had a chance to do it all over, he simply would without question. "I had a lot of fun," the Palmetto State product said of his camp experiences. "I had a chance to meet and compete against some the best players from around the country. It helped me to see where I stood as an athlete."

Although Bullard enjoyed participating in all of the camps he attended this summer, there were four in particular that left a lasting impression, and the Vanderbilt Camp was one of them. "I enjoyed the camps at Clemson, North Carolina State, and Tennessee," Bullard said. "I also enjoyed the Vanderbilt camp. One of the main things that I liked about the Vanderbilt camp was when we played Dore-Ball. I had a lot of fun; the whole camp was really fun."

The talented 2010 prospect also had a chance to interact with the coaching staff a little while camping with the ‘Dores. "Coach Caldwell actually came up and talked to me when we were doing the Dore-ball drill," Bullard said. "So that was pretty exciting. And at the end of the camp, I got to talk to Coach Cain (Bullard's primary recruiter)."

Bullard did not leave Nashville with an offer in his back pocket. But he was informed that the Vandy Coaching Staff will be keeping a close eye on him this fall, along with the other schools that have been recruiting him.

Most of the schools that are recruiting me want me to send them some film of my senior season," said Bullard. "Vanderbilt is one of the schools that I have to send film to, so they can evaluate me a little further before they can make any other moves. So I just going to wait and see how things play out."

Bullard currently has offers on the table from Wake Forest and Furman. Top Stories