A pop quiz for Vandy's Freshman Five

Now that Vanderbilt's five women's basketball freshmen have tasted campus life and finished summer term, they have a deeper understanding of the difficult studies and time management challenges that fall will bring. With a lighter touch, VandyMania threw these scholar athletes a curve ball in the form of a pop quiz meant to show what motivates them.

1. Best moment on court:

Clair Watkins: "Regional finals when we beat East Mecklenburg and we knew we were going to the state championship. It was my best moment. We had an awful first half and right before half time, I realized, we can win this game. We're going to win the state title and nothing's going to hold us back," she said, getting emotional. "It was an amazing feeling coming back from a 15 point deficit at half time and blowing them out of the water."

Jasmine Lister: "It was probably the semifinal game going for our high school playoffs. We were down by 10 with two minutes to go and we won by five and that put us in the CIS championship final. It was a great game."

Kayci Ferris: "My whole freshman year because I was named Smith County's Freshman Player of the Year."

Tori Jarosz: "My freshman year in high school when we won the state championship. I was first off the bench but it just made me realize how much hard work it was going to be if I wanted to get back here in the future for a state championship, to take part in something bigger than myself. In my senior year we lost the state championship by seven points – only three people scored. It was rough."

2. Motivational quote:

Jasmine: "Some people wish it could happen, some people want it to happen, and some people make it happen." It's saying some people want something so much, but it's a matter of doing something about it."

Tori: "Love me or hate me, it's one or the other. Always has been. Hate my game, my swagger, hate my fadeaway, hate my hunger, hate that I'm a veteran, a champion. Hate that, hate it with all your heart, but know that I'm loved for the same exact reasons – from Kobe Bryant."

Christina: "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. It defines everything you do, not just athletics, but academics and life as well."

Clair: "I'll pull the one Tash gave us for the workout book. "There are two types of pain – The pain of discipline and the pain of regret."

"You tell me that I can't, and I'll show you that I can."- Kayci:

3. Personal hero:

Jasmine: "My dad because of the way he raised me. It was how he demonstrated it and it made me want to be more like him. I grew up in the church and he is a pastor and I put God first and I always work hard academically and in basketball as well. I put all that before hanging out with my friends."

"I want to name my parents because they've been real supportive of me my whole life. They gave me the opportunities most kids don't get. And for being really supportive and caring, coming to all my tournaments and driving me to practices and games. If it hadn't been for them, I wouldn't be where I am now." - Tori

Clair: "This is an odd one but I'd have to say Lucille Ball. She was a pioneer not only in her art in physical comedy but for women, too. She was rich. She had her own company, Desilu. She was a great role model and one of the first women who opened the world's eyes to women being financially wealthy and independent. She's my favorite actress, too. She also makes me laugh until I cry."

Kayci: "I'd have to say my mom because she's always been here for me no matter what. She tells me to keep my head up and to keep going."

Christina: "I'd say Kobe Bryant. I love Kobe. He has a great work ethic."

4. Music that pumps you up

Jasmine: "Rappers Lil Wayne and Whiz Khalifa."

Kayci: "Lil Wayne for sure before games."

Clair: "Lil Wayne – any kind of rap with a heavy base. I love Ludicrous and Lil Wayne."

Tori: "Before a game I have to listen to hip hop and some rap to get me fired up."

Christina: "Definitely Jay-Z. I listen to that before games and workouts and I get pumped up. I do a little head bobbin', not really dancing."

5.Twilight's Edward or Jacob:

Clair: "I don't really follow it, but Jacob's the werewolf right? Okay, him (laughing). Edward is just kind of frail and sissy looking to me. Jacob is just burly and wild and yeah, and I won't go in to any more detail."

Tori: "I'm going to say Jacob. He has a nicer body than Edward. He's steady. Edward pops in and out of Bella's life. Jacob is always there, he's always reliable."

Jasmine: "I don't watch the movies and haven't read the books. I'm not a fan so I couldn't say."

"Jacob, Jacob, Team Jacob definitely. Edward is too skinny. Jacob is more tough, he's a werewolf, he's stronger. And Jacob is maybe the same age as us." - Christina

Kayci: "I don't follow that, but I'd say Edward. I saw the very first movie, and a little of the second one. I didn't really care for them."

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