Two minutes with Warren Norman recently spoke with sophomore running back Warren Norman after a practice. Look inside to find out what Norman wants to improve on to help his team win more games in 2010.

Don Yates: How was practice tonight Warren?

Warren Norman: It was good. Anytime you can come out here and get another opportunity to get better it's always good for you. I've seen a lot of good things on both sides of the ball. We are getting better out here every day.

DY: Last year you were one of the bright spots on this offense but the team struggled scoring in the red zone and scoring period. What are you seeing so far as far as the offense, do you think it is going to be improved or what?

WN: Absolutely, we have new coaches coming in. We have coach Hand, the new offensive line coach, coming in and doing some great things on the O-line. Definitely you should see some improvement in the offense this year.

DY: What are some of the goals that you have established for yourself entering you sophomore season?

WN: Honestly, I don't really set personal goals. I just try to come out here and win every game. Everything else will take care of itself.

DY: Is there anything in your game that you think you want to improve on and get better at?

WN: Absolutely, I definitely want to get better at blocking. I feel like that was one of my biggest weaknesses last year. That and just build on everything else but particularly blocking.

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