Two minutes with Andrew Bridges

Freshman offensive lineman Andrew Bridges has good blocking technique, he just needs to put on weight and muscle. VandyMania recently spoke with this promising young Commodore.

Don Yates: Andrew, how has practice been going for you?

Andrew Bridges: It's been going great.

DY: I know you had an illness or something and you missed a few days of practice but you've come back strong. I've seen you out there against the defense and you are doing a pretty good job blocking. What are they telling you are far as your performance?

AB: I'm doing all right; I missed last week so they really don't have much tape on me. I'm really just trying to get the plays down now and get used to everything.

DY: Have you ever heard of a guy that was here named Chris Williams? He came here about your size and left at 310 pounds and is playing for the Chicago Bears. Does that have some kind of motivation for you when you think about what he did?

AB: That's actually happened a few times, I believe, for small tackles to come in here and they've put some pounds on them. He's done some good things.

DY: What kind of training program do they have you on?

AB: Well, when I was sick they really didn't want to run me that hard. I'm just now starting so we'll see what they do.

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