Vanderbilt-Northwestern as it Happened

This game had it all: big plays, scoring, good calls and bad calls. Here's a look at how things appeared from the press box at Vanderbilt Stadium.


Time (CST)

6:21 Spirit of Gold finishes National Anthem. 

6:22-27 1,600 Vandy freshmen rush on to the field in mostly gold shirts.

6:30 Northwestern storms onto the field to scattered applause.

6:32 Vandy runs through big helmet to thunderous applause and fog horn blast. 

6:34 Vandy to receive. 

6:36 Eric Samuels returns KO to Vanderbilt 45.

6:37 Warren Norman 5-yards for 1st down.

6:40 Vanderbilt punts from Northwestern 32-yard line.

6:43 Vanderbilt gives up first down on 3rd-and-four, Persa run.

6:44 Persa run to Vanderbilt 30, personal foul on Fullam. Northwestern at Vanderbilt 16.

6:50 Northwestern takes 3-0 lead on 26-yard field goal. 

6:54 Diaster on kickoff.  Trey Wilson tackled at 7-yard-line.

6:56 Vanderbilt's Richard Kent's punt go 42 yards; his first punt as a Commodore.

7:00 Persa pass puts Northwestern at Vandy 34.

7:01 Persa 33-yard TD pass to Jeremy Ebert.

7:04 Umoh catches 5-yard pass.

7:05 On 3rd down Smith fires low pass to Cole. Called incomplete by officials. Merits replay but replay system down.

7:08 Eddie Foster forces Persa out of bounds to force 3rd and long.

7:08 Persa sacked by John Stokes and Tim Fugger to force fourth down.

7:11 Kennard Reeves rumbles for big first down.

7:12 Vandy wastes another timeout with 3 running backs in at the same time.

7:15 Jonathan Krause makes his first career reception: for a first down!

7:15 End of 1st quarter.  Northwestern 10, Vanderbilt 0. 


7:19 Cole reception for 1st down at Northwestern 42.

7:21 Vanderbilt force to punt from Northwestern 36 after low Larry Smith throw.

7:25 Samuels bats down Persa pass to force 3rd and 8.

7:26 Hayward tackles Northwestern receiver short of 1st down marker.  Replay says down at 18.

7:33 Vanderbilt offensive line getting eaten alive.  Offense going wrong direction.  3 and out.

7:35 Vandy defense back on the field after short break.

7:36 Persa runs for another first down.

7:36 Big sack by Colt Nichter

7:38 Vanderbilt holds on third down, forces punt.

7:43 Smith runs for 1st down.

7:44 Stacy runs for 18 yards to Vanderbilt 43.

7:44 Stacy runs for 12 to Northwestern 45.

7:45 Krause makes second catch of career.

7:45 Another Vanderbilt drive stalls at Northwestern 43. 

7:48 Personal foul on Jelesky on punt. Not needed at all.

7:48 Pera pass to Vanderbilt 37. Wide open for the catch.

7:50 Fugger forces fumble. Recovered by John Stokes at Vanderbilt 48. 

7:51 Smith to Turner Wimberley for 37 yards!!  Vanderbilt at Northwestern 15.

7:52 John Cole catch at Northwestern 6-yard line.

7:54 Wesley Tate gives Vandy a first and goal at the 4.

7:55 Touchdown Vanderbilt! Warren Norman 4-yard run!

7:57 Fog horn finished blowing after TD.

7:58 Fowler misses extra-point.  Northwestern lead 10-6 with 2:19 remaining in half.

8:00 Eddie Foster gets hit of the night on Northwestern runner.  3rd and 9. 

8:04 Northwestern forced to punt with 38 second left in the half. 

8:05 Umoh catches pass at Northwestern 45 (19 yd catch)

8:06 Smith throws ball straight into hands of Northwestern player who drops it.

8:07 Smith pass to Barden and late flag for late hit.  Vanderbilt ball at Northwestern 22.

8:10 Smith pass to Barden at 18.  Will missed PAT pych Fowler?

8:11 No!  Fowler makes 23-yard field goal. 

8:11 Halftime.  Northwestern 10, Vanderbilt 9.


8:28 Commodores return to field for second half.

8:34 Vandy kicks off to Northwestern to start second half.

8:35 Vicious hit on Northwestern running back forces fumble but recoverd by Northwestern.

8:35 Samuels tackles Northwestern running back for loss.

8:38 Richardson tackles forces fourth down for Northwestern at mid field.

8:41 Vandy backed up at own 14 after Northwestern punt.

8:43 Off sides on Northwestern gives Vanderbilt first down at 25.

8:43 Offsides again.  Vanderbilt first down at 30.

8:44 Smith pass complete to Barden at 41 for FIRST DOWN!

8:45 Smith runs to 48. 

8:46 Stacy runs to Northwestern 48. FIRST DOWN!

8:47 Smith intercepted by Northwestern's Justan Vaughn. Northwestern ball at Northwestern 46.

8:51 Persa completes pass to Vanderbilt 34. 

8:52 Northwestern first down at Vanderbilt 23.

8:53 Persa completes pass to Vanderbilt 9.

8:54 Persa passes for touchdown, Northwestern 17, Vanderbilt 9.

8:57 Northwestern kicks off to Vanderbilt.  Norman returns to 29.

9:00 Kennard Reeves runs for 20 yards to Northwestern 44.

9:01 Smith completes to Krause for 24 yards, Northwestern 32 yard line.

9:03 Smith pass to Barden complete for 32-yard TOUCHDOWN!

9:05 2-point conversion fails. Northwestern 17, Vanderbilt 15 with 1:51 left in 3rd quarter.

9:07 Persa pass to Northwestern 45 (16 yard gain).

9:07 Northwestern reverse gives them 1st down at Vanderbilt 43.

9:09 End of 3rd quarter with Northwestern at Vanderbilt 35. Northwestern 17, Vanderbilt 15.


9:13 Persa pass to Vanderbilt 12. 

9:13 Richards tackles Persa for 9-yard loss at 22.

9:14 Eddie Foster makes beautiful breakup in end zone.

9:15 Persa pass to Vanderbilt 9 forces fourth down.

9:16 Blocked field goal by T.J. Greenstone!

9:16 Smith pass complete to Norman at Northwestern 49.

9:19 Smith run on 3rd down fall short.

9:19 Vanderbilt going for it on fourth!  Norman runs to 31 for first down!

9:20 Smith sacked for 8 yard loss at 38.

9:24 Smith completes pass to Norman at 31.

9:25 Fowler misses 46-yard field goal, wide left, short.

9:29 Persa runs for first down on 3rd and 7. 

9:31 Personal foul on Kadri puts ball at Vanderbilt 42

9:31 Persa runs for 18 to Vanderbilt 20.

9:34 Run to Vanderbilt 2.

9:34 Persa pass to Brooks for touchdown.

9:35 Northwestern bobbles PAT, no attempt. Northwestern 23, Vanderbilt 15.

9:38 Norman returns kick off to Vanderbilt 31. 

9:39 Smith pass to Kraus at Vanderbilt 44.

9:39 Smith scramble to Northwestern 49.

9:41 Smith run to Northwestern 40.

9:41 Smith complete to Stacy to Northwestern 33.

9:42 Stacy 33-yard TOUCHDOWN run. Northwestern 23, Vanderbilt 21. 

9:43 2-point attempt fails as snap goes through Smith's hands.

9:45 Northwestern rush for 7 yard to own 36.  Vandy's got to hold!

9:47 Northwestern runner (Schmidt) stopped for 1 yard loss

9:50 Time to hold 'em!  Persa stopped 1-yard short but penalty!  How could they?

9:51 Northwestern in victory formation.

9:52 Ball game. Valiant effort by Vandy with a lot of "what ifs".