Ranking the Top Big East Centers

VUSports writer, Broc Libra breaks down the Top Centers in the Big East during the 2015-16 season in this, his debut article with VUSports on Scout.

Previously, I broke down the top, 2015-16, Big East Point Guards and Wings, now it’s time to analyze the games of Top Bigs in the Big East.

To summarize the rankings done to-date, the top 5 PG’s were:

5th – D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera
4th – Roosevelt Jones
3rd – Isaiah Whitehead
2nd – Kris Dunn
1st – Ryan Arcidiacono

and the top 5 wings were:

5th – Desi Rodriguez
4th – Kris Jenkins
3rd – Kelan Martin
2nd – Trevon Bluiett
1st – Josh Hart

How I identified a big is if they were either a top rebounder or spent the majority of their time in the post. The real outlier is Henry Ellenson but I decided to list him as a big. I looked at bigs on every team and eventually came down to these eleven players:

From these numbers, we can probably eliminate Sima, Hamilton, and Chrabascz to have a top eight:

8) Jalen Reynolds – put up some solid numbers, but had a usage rate way too high for his output and played in less than 20 minutes a game.

7) Bradley Hayes – From afterthought to pretty good player, Hayes went from scoring 30 points and grabbing 42 rebounds for his first 3 years to scoring 236 points and 181 rebounds as a senior. While he played well, he only played 21.9 minutes per game, which can be attributed to foul trouble as he fouled quite often.

6) Luke Fischer– Luke had a very good season and even put up better Offensive/Defensive Rating than his more glorified freshman teammate. Realizing they had a lot of size, Luke could have rebounded better but his defense was very good.

5) James Farr – Farr was definitely the best big man for Xavier this past season as he grabbed a high percentage of rebounds, blocked a bunch of shots and had the second best ORtg/DRtg  difference among the centers, and this all happened because he decided to move closer to the hoop. He had a great season and he will definitely be missed next season for X.

4) Angel Delgado – Delgado, sometimes, didn’t seem like a top defensive player when I watched him, but his numbers say otherwise. Delgado was a low usage player who got a lot of garbage points and grabbed a good amount of rebounds. He’s a low maintenance player who filled his role spectacularly for the Pirates.

3) Daniel Ochefu – Ochefu has a fantastic season for the Wildcats and his advanced analytics would have put him on the top. However, his actual production didn’t live up to his advanced numbers because he only played in 23 minutes per game. Sometimes it was foul trouble, other times, he got tired, and maybe his sweet spot was 22-26 minutes a game to provide maximum output. Either way, a wonderful season for the senior big man.

2) Henry Ellenson – The stud freshman definitely didn’t disappoint in his first and only campaign for Marquette. He led the conference in rebounds, was 4th in total points (or 3rd in points per game) and was 4th in blocks. While his shooting percentage wasn’t great as he took a lot of 3’s, he shot a pretty good percentage around the hoop.

1) Ben Bentil– Similar to the list of wings, this really wasn’t a debate as Bentil did a little bit of everything for Providence.  He shot 3’s, he developed his hook shot, he defended well and grabbed rebounds. Without Bentil, PC would have struggled to make the tournament and be as successful as they were. While the advanced analytics may have shown he wasn’t as successful, his actual output can’t be questioned as Bentil was the best big in the Big East last year.

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