Elijah Weaver Talks Villanova Visit

VUSports spoke with elite, Class of 2018 point guard, Elijah Weaver about his unofficial visit to Villanova yesterday …

VUSports spoke with elite, 2018 point guard, Elijah Weaver about his unofficial visit to Villanova yesterday …

VUSports: How did the visit go?

Elijah Weaver: I really enjoyed myself.  I like Jay Wright and I like the whole coaching staff.  They really made me feel like I was at home.

VUSports: What did you learn about Villanova that perhaps surprised you a little?

Elijah Weaver: The size of the campus.  I didn’t know how big it was.  I have heard a lot about it but when I went there it threw me off because I didn’t know it was that big or that the academics were tops in the country.  I didn’t know that so that surprised me.

VUSports: How did you feel you fit in with the players on the team and the campus as a whole?

Elijah Weaver: I think I fit in really well with the players.  We were in the locker room messing around, dancing … I think I fit in really well with them.  Around the campus there were nice people - very friendly, welcoming people at the school.

VUSports: How did the coaching staff describe you would fit in from a playing time and position perspective?

Elijah Weaver: They said I would come in and play a big role being their point guard, that I would be able to lead their team and be an extension of their coach - Coach Wright.  That I would fit in perfectly and I am exactly what they are looking for.

VUSports: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your game and how comfortable are you running the point?

Elijah Weaver: I am very comfortable running the point.  My strengths are my ability to pass the ball and my IQ.  I think I have a very high IQ and I am a great leader.

VUSports: What are you working on the most with your game?

Elijah Weaver: My mid-range jump-shot and my change-of-pace dribble - not staying at one speed all the time.

VUSports: What are the most important things to you as you make a college decision - what are you looking for in a program and school?

Elijah Weaver: Honestly, I want to build a relationship with the coach - like a family bond and be somewhere that I can be on the campus even if I am hurt and I am not playing basketball.  Being able to go to school and be happy.

VUSports: What major are you considering at this point in time?

Elijah Weaver: Business management … and it just so happens that Villanova is the number one school in business right now.  That sounds like a weird coincidence right now but I enjoyed myself inside that business building.

VUSports: What Villanova Assistant do you talk with the most?

Elijah Weaver: All of them - Coach Neptune, Coach Howard, Coach Wright, Coach Dunleavy, all of them - they are all very friendly - those are my guys.

VUSports: You have been offered by a number of Florida schools - FIU, Florida St., USF, UCF, and Florida - which of them are you most interested in and which one has been on you the hardest?

Elijah Weaver: The Gators - the Florida Gators are on me the hardest and I have the most interest in Florida.

VUSports: Is location important to you?

Elijah Weaver: It doesn’t make a difference to me to be honest.  I have been away from home since I was in about 7th Grade so it is not a big deal at all.

VUSports: What is your connection with Louisville and what interests you about Louisville right now?

Elijah Weaver: I know Coach [Mike] Balado very well and the Grad Assistant, Jordan Fair really well and I talk to Coach Pitino all the time.  I have a great connection with those guys.  I like the school - the way the campus is set up and their athletic department and how they run things to a “T” - how organized they are.

VUSports: Do you have a desire to play with your Team Breakdown teammate, Anfernee Simons at the next level - are you a package deal?

Elijah Weaver: That wouldn’t be a bad idea.  If I committed to ‘Nova, I would definitely be in his ear about him committing to ‘Nova as well if they gave him an offer.

VUSports: How do you guys fit together on the court - what is it that you like about playing with him?

Elijah Weaver: I tell you one thing - we are like a one-two punch - pick your poison.  If you play too hard on him then I score and if you play too hard on me then he will score.  We go hand-in-hand and play together very well.

VUSports: You plan to visit UConn soon - what has your interest there?

Elijah Weaver: I talked to Coach Kevin [Ollie] on the phone and we immediately started building a bond.  I really enjoy talking to him.  He is a great guy and I can’t wait to learn more about their program.  I know they are a winning program and they have been winning throughout the years but I just want to learn more about them and their program and continue building my relationship with their coaching staff.

VUSports: The University of Virginia has also offered you - what about them sparks your interest?

Elijah Weaver: My dad is from Virginia so I like the location of the school.  I also like the coaching staff.  They are really good people.  I talk to them and they are very friendly and want to be successful and they want to help me.

VUSports: What other unofficial visits do you have on your calendar right now?

Elijah Weaver: Other than UConn [October 13th], I don’t have any right now but hopefully Southern Cal, maybe Florida and I think that is it for right now.

VUSports: You seem to be doing your homework early - is that because you have an interest in committing early - making an early verbal?

Elijah Weaver: No, Sir. I just like to do a lot of research so that I am informed so that when I make that decision I will have enough information to know that I am making the right decision for me because it is important.

VUSports: You mentioned academics and fit at the school as being important to you in making your decision - are there other factors that are important to you?

Elijah Weaver: The people that are there.  I don’t want to go to a school where the people are really stuck up.  Like I said, at Villanova they are very friendly - like every school I have been to so far.

VUSports: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning and best of luck to you in your decision-making process.

Elijah Weaver: I appreciate it.  Thanks. Top Stories