Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree Chats With VUSports

VUSports caught up with Class of 2017, Villanova commit, Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree over the weekend, and as always, he was gracious enough to take some questions.

Cosby-Roundtree participated in the 22nd annual Philly vs. New York classic at Ben Franklin High School Saturday where he faced off against some of New York’s most talented players.  The athletic big man from Neumann-Goretti High School went on to record 14 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks in a contest for city bragging rights.

He spoke with VUSports after the game:

VUSports:  Are you excited to be playing in this game and what does a game like this mean to you?

DCR:  “Most definitely.  Any time you have a chance to rep your city like this you want to go hard.  I know they’ll be playing hard so yeah, we both want to win.”

VUSports:  How do you feel you played this summer and were there any memorable moments?

DCR:  “I would say I had a good summer basketball-wise.  I improved on a lot of different things.  We had a real good Vegas trip for Team Final.  I had played well at Pangos and then I had a good NBPA Top 100 camp.  So I felt I had a good summer.”

VUSports:  What specific skill do you think you improved on the most?

DCR:  “I would say my ball-handling, my jumpshot, and finishing around the rim.”

VUSports: What specific skill do you feel you still need to improve on the most?

DCR:  “Defense.  I feel I need to be quicker out to the wings and on close outs, so definitely the defensive end.”

VUSports:  How tall are you now and do you think you’ll grow further?

DCR:  “Well I’m 6-9 and I’m not sure but people have been telling me that I grew so I don’t know, I might still be growing.”

VUSports: Do you plan on signing your letter of intent in the early signing period?  November?

DCR:Yeah, I’ll be signing in November.”

VUSports:  In terms of Villanova, what role do you see coming in as a freshman?

DCR:  “As a freshman I know I’ll have to be a defensive stopper just to get on the court.  So I have to be comfortable guarding all the positions before I can do what I do on the offensive end.”

VUSports:  What does it feel like to be joining the National Champions?

DCR:  “It feels great.  Not just joining the returning champions but being part of something bigger than just me.  Being part of the ‘Nova family.”

VUSports:  You seem to have a combination of athletics and good academics.  What does that combination mean to you?

DCR:  “They go hand in hand.  I’ve been told that you got to hit the books before the court so academics is something I always took seriously.”

VUSports:  What is your relationship like with Jay Wright?

DCR:  “It’s great.  We talk about more than just basketball and that’s important to me.  I really love Coach Wright as a person.”

VUSports: Are you on a weightlifting program right now?

DCR:  “Yes, three times a week with Neumann-Goretti.  Right now I’m trying to gain muscle and strength.”

VUSports:  Do you plan on attending Villanova’s Hoops Mania this year?

DCR:  “Yeah, I’ll be on my official visit during Hoops Mania, so I’ll definitely be there.”

VUSports:  We want to thank you, you’ve been nothing but a class act every time we’ve spoken  to you over the past couple years.  Do you have anything else to say to the Nova Nation?

DCR:  “Just that I can’t wait ‘Nova Nation!  I’ll be ready for ya’ll.” Top Stories