Getting To Know Bryce Wills

VUSports caught up with Class of 2019, Guard prospect, Bryce Wills at the Philly vs. NY Classic on Saturday ...

Class of 2019 guard Bryce Wills from Iona College Prep turned heads at the Philly vs. NY Classic on Saturday evening.  The 6-5 Wills, a smooth operator who reclassified to the class of 2019, was used exclusively as point guard and has a great handle to go with a nice shot out on the perimeter.  What Wills does best is penetrate.  Wills has a knack of slicing his way through defenders on his way through the lane.  Bryce has a very good crossover and hesitation dribble and his long lean frame was able to finish in traffic several times.  Wills has a patient demeanor on the court looking for angles to attack and was able to facilitate for others several times.  Bryce needs to gain strength in the coming years but he is already an above average athlete.  Wills sat down with VUSports for an interview following his game.

VUSports:  We understand that Villanova has recently offered you a scholarship.  Can you talk about what it was like to receive an offer from the defending National Champions?

Wills: “It was a great feeling having the national champs offer me a scholarship  It shows me that all my hard work is starting to pay off.  But I know I need to continue to get better.”

VUSports:  How long has Villanova been recruiting you?

Wills:  “They’ve been recruiting me since right after the Peach Jam.  They reached out to my coach for the PSA Cardinals and they contacted my father and came to a workout.”

VUSports:  What coach from Villanova has been recruiting you or involved with you the most?

Wills:  “Probably Coach [Kyle] Neptune.  I’ve had the most contact with him.”

VUSports: What schools are you hearing from the most or are recruiting you the hardest right now?

Wills:  “Right now I’m wide open.  I’ve been hearing from schools from all over the east coast and from some from some on the west coast too.”

VUSports:  Can you describe your game for someone who hasn’t seen you play?

Wills: “I think I’m an all around guard.  I can shoot.  I like to distribute also.  I’m starting to mold more into a true point guard.”

VUSports:  Do you feel you will play point guard at the next level?

Wills:  “Yeah, I believe I can.  But if the coach needs me to be a combo, I can also do that.”

VUSports:  What are some areas you are working on to improve the most right now?

Wills:  “My strength.  I’m working to get stronger.  My handle and my overall feel for the game.”

VUSports:  Growing up, was there a school you rooted for or do you have a dream school?

Wills:  “No, I’ve watched a lot of teams from a lot of different conferences.  I really don’t have a dream school or anything like that.  I just have to be patient and see where I fit in best.”

VUSports:  Who all has extended an offer to you so far?

Wills:  “Villanova, UConn, Maryland, Wake Forest, St. Johns, Penn State, and the list goes on.”

VUSports:  What will you be looking for in a program?

Wills:  “I would like to have a great relationship with the coaching staff and the teammates that I would be playing with.  The atmosphere of the school.  I really have no limitations as far as distance or anything like that.  I would just want to feel comfortable.”

VUSports:  Is there a certain style of play or offense you prefer?

Wills:  “Up-tempo.  I like to run.  Offenses where the guards have some freedom.” Top Stories