Villanova New Construction Photos

Here is a collection of photos of some new additions to the Villanova campus that some people may not have had the chance to get back to school to see ...

Entry Way Into Andrew J. Talley Athletic Center from "Ticket Office Entrance"

Look a little to your right and you will see this on the wall:

Detail of that wall:

To your left walking in is an awesome trophy case/wall"

The next four shots provide trophy wall detail:

In the downstairs of the building is the new Howie Long Sports Performance Center.  Here are two views:

Here are some shots from the Daniel & Elizabeth O'Dea Terrace Lounge which is a floor above the entryway shots:

From Main Dining Area looking out over the stadium:

From the lounge area adjacent to the main dining area:

Progress on the new parking garage across Lancaster Ave from Nevin:

A couple of updated Pavilion Banners: Top Stories