Austin Calitro CAA Media Q&A

Villanova Senior, linebacker, Austin Calitro answered questions today during the CAA Media conference call ...

Moderator: Talk about what it meant to you beat your rival, Delaware on Saturday and how that gives you momentum heading into the playoffs …

Austin Calitro: It was important for us because we haven’t lost to them in our careers and we wanted to leave here undefeated.  Not too many people can say that - not too many teams have done it.  It was great to see the offense clicking and the defense continue to do what we do and i can tell it is going to carry us far into the playoffs because after a game like that you can have a lot of momentum going forward.

Moderator: After the loss to JMU, how important was it to you to get the win against Delaware and some momentum going into the playoffs?

Austin Calitro: It was really important, especially coming after a loss like that.  Most times we will play a little better but I think we took a step back this week and re-evaluated where we were and I think we all realized that we needed to do a little bit more to get a little bit more out of the season and that is exactly what we did going into Delaware and playing one of our best games of the season, I think, and it is going to carry us far into the playoffs.

Moderator: Your defense coming into the season had a lot of new starters but now you rank in the Top 10 in nearly every defensive category - how did that all come together?

Austin Calitro: It all starts with Coach Crocker.  He positions us to be successful and he instills in us how important football is to him and it has become very important to us as well.  Just going into the off-season and how we did our work-outs and came together as a group.  I kind of knew after spring ball and seeing how we all did as a group that we might have a pretty special group here.  

VUSports: Could you talk about your teams mind-set going into Delaware both for you as a Senior and knowing that this is Coach Talley’s last season as well and your essentially being in a position now where any game can be yours and Coach Talley’s last.  He complimented the team on the Delaware game being your best effort of the season - what does that mean to you?

Austin Calitro: After the JMU loss, we were all pretty hurt.  We knew we wanted to keep the season going and we knew seven wins could do that but we wanted to end the season with eight.  Like I said before, we hadn’t lost to Delaware in our career and wanted to keep that going and we wanted to extend Coach Talley’s career as well.  In terms of the playoffs and everything else - it is awesome.  We love this kind of atmosphere to play in.  As long as we can keep the season going and keep Coach Talley’s career going we will be happy.   I think we thrive in pressure situations like this, especially with a team like St. Francis coming in where they have a chip on their shoulder as well.  I can just tell you that the senior class and Coach Talley want to keep this thing going as long as we can.  

Media Question: Talk about St. Francis’ offense - what do you see early about their offense?

Austin Calitro: They have a big offensive line, probably one of the biggest ones we will see.  They have big guys up front and they have two pretty big running backs that run pretty hard and they will try to run the ball as much as they can.  When they do throw it, they have a big, 6-4 wide receiver that is pretty good.  I know that it is going to be another game where a team tries to run the ball on us and we like that because we have a pretty good run defense and when they do go up top we have all the faith in the world in our DBs.

Media Question: Is there a lot of pressure on you guys to keep this thing going for Coach Talley?

Austin Calitro: There is no pressure from him.  We put more pressure on each other and he tells us not to do that and to just have fun with it but you can’t help but to put a little pressure on yourself especially when you want to keep Coach Talley, who is such a great coach, - keep his career going as long as we think it should be going. Top Stories