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Deeper Dive - Cats Devour Hawks

Broc Libra takes a further look inside the Cats demolition of St. Joseph's (PA) on Saturday ...

Villanova vs. St. Joseph’s (PA) 12/3/2016

Villanova’s second Big 5 game was against the St. Joseph’s Hawks (PA) and the game ended just like 2 of the previous 3 games had, in a Villanova blowout, 88-57. While the Joey’s (PA) kept it close, the talent gap has never been wider, which led to a very expected outcome.

5 thoughts from this game:

  1. What was that initial defense?– While the game looked good on paper, I’m not really sure what the initial defense was, for roughly the first 10 minutes. While Villanova definitely matches up depending on where guys are on the floor, there seemed to be some strange matchups going on, like Darryl Reynolds on wing Nick Robinson and guards guarding St Joes (PA) big man Markell Lodge. What made this especially strange is that it was happening on made baskets. Something leads me to believe that Jay was testing out something, but it definitely didn’t work. After the score was 27-24, before the walk-ons came in, Villanova outscored the Hawks 64-27
  2. Jenkins versatility – When most people think of Villanova’s versatility, they think of Josh Hart getting rebounds, or Mikal Bridges guarding everybody, but Jenkins’ versatility doesn’t get enough credit. Kris played the center in some lineups and also played the 2/3 in some lineups and his ability to do that has really helped this team, especially since Phil went down with the injury. 
  3. Stat stuffer Mikal Bridges – Nothing new as Bridges stuffed the stat sheet in only 21 minutes of play, scoring 8 points, grabbing 5 rebounds with 3 steals, 1 block and 1 assist. In 2 out of 3 possessions, he stole the ball from Newkirk and took it coast to coast, and blocked Lodge, passed it to Hart, who took one dribble and passed it to DiVincenzco for an alley-oop jam. It was a thing of beauty.
  4. Triple Double – Josh Hart is a double/double machine, but his first career triple double has put him in an elite category. Josh now has 19 assists in his last two games and he currently has more assists than he did his entire freshman season. Josh now leads the team in points, rebounds, assists, 2 pointers made and FT’s made and is second on the team in steals, 3 pointers made & steals. And it’s early, but he’s also the #1 player in Kenpom’s standings right now. 
  5. #1 – For the second time in school history, Villanova will be the #1 ranked team in the country and for this upcoming week, Villanova will get to play LaSalle at the Palestra and a likely ranked and undefeated Notre Dame team in New Jersey. As of December 3rd, Villanova is #1 in Kenpom and of the top 10 teams, Villanova has played the 6th hardest schedule, with only Duke, Virginia and West Virginia playing easier schedules, but Villanova is closer to 1st place (Baylor at 23) than they are to 8th place (Duke at 197) Top Stories