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ETown's Breakdown: vs. Georgetown

Broc Libra examines five key take-aways from the Cats' win over the Hoyas last night ...

Villanova vs. Georgetown 2/7/2017

That was an interesting game, but nothing new for Villanova as they beat the Georgetown Hoyas 75-64 in a game at the Pavilion. Villanova was up 16 points (53-37) at the under 12 timeout but Georgetown fought back to get it to 2 points on two separate occasions (60-58 & 61-59) before Josh Hart capped a lightning quick 5 point spurt with a 3 pointer and ultimately put the game away. 

Just as a side note, I forgot about the Providence game and couldn’t watch the SJU game, so apologies for missing the last two games. 

Here are my 5 takeaways

1) This game was combination @ Marquette and home vs. DePaul– Complete with a 1st half destruction, an extended 2nd half lead, only to see the lead crumble, though this time was over the final 12 minutes instead of 5-6 minutes. Villanova’s defense wasn’t actually that bad during the spurt, but Georgetown played well and hit some shots and avoided fouling (their recipe for success) but instead of letting the game go, Josh Hart hits a 3 from the same exact spot he hit one, at the Pavilion, against DePaul and at that point, the game was over.    

2) 2nd half offensive struggle – Villanova shot 7 for 19 in the 2nd half and 1 of 9 in the second half and 5 of our 8 turnovers. It’s interesting that Villanova shot 56 shots in the game, but only 19 in the 2nd half. Villanova also shot 16 of their 19 FT’s in the 2nd half, but 19 shots seems like a very small amount, especially with the low turnovers, too. Even if you divide the 16 FT’s by 2 and assume Villanova took 8 shots instead, that’s still 27 shots in the 2nd half, compared to the 37 shots taken in the 1st half. With 64 total possessions for the game, it was slightly slower than our average pace. 

3) The bench is back – For the 2nd straight game, the bench did very well. This game, the bench went for 17 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 0 turnovers in 50 minutes. I realize that most of those numbers came from Donte, but Paschall played a very good game, especially defensively, where he guarded Govan on one possession and Pryor on another possession.  Also want to give a shoutout to Darryl Reynolds, who threw up a 6 and 7 game with 0 fouls, turnovers, and misses, in only 20 minutes. 

4) Losing big leads – Everyone knows that this has happened a few times to Villanova, but just today, Kentucky lost a 25 point lead to 9-14 LSU with 8 minutes left and LSU narrowed it to 6. Clemson was up 9 with 7 minutes left and lost to Syracuse, and Alabama was up by 10 at the under 4 timeout and ultimately won, but in 4 overtimes. That’s what happens with 18-22 year old kids, especially in a rivalry game (ask Kansas about that as they were tied with Kansas St on Monday with 3 minutes remaining). It happens to everyone. 

5) Some fun stats – As a team, Villanova is shooting 37.2% from three (77th in the nation) 59% from two-point range (3rd) and 80.2% from the line (3rd). We also have a block percentage of 5.7%, which is 4th in the country. (Yeah, I was surprised, too). A 7.9% steal rate is a very good 82nd in the country, too) Defensively, Villanova teams to shoot 30.6% from 3 (19th in the country) 49.1% from 2 (171st in the country and 73.8% from the line (321st in the country). While teams have been shooting a high percentage from the line against us, teams only score 14% of their points from the line, which is the 350th most in the country, which is 2nd least in the country. Exactly 4 out of every 9 shots we take are from 3 (20th highest rate in the country) and we assist on 54.3% of our baskets, which is 131st in the country.   Villanova has 3 guys who are essentially in the 50/40/90 category as Bridges is 57/42/93, Brunson is 54/39/87 and Hart is 51/41/79. Of all of our 7 players, only 1 of them (Jenkins) is shooting under 58% from 2. Top Stories