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All-Decade and All-Time Teams

With the 2016-17 season in the books, it is time to refresh our Villanova basketball history pages. We begin with the updated VUSports Villanova Men's Basketball All-Decade and All-Time teams ...

Note: Players are assigned to decades based on when they graduated instead of counting the number of games played in each decade and slotting them based on in which decade they played more games.

VUSports Villanova Men's Basketball All-Decade Teams:


Joseph Czescik

George Duzminski

James Montgomery

Paul Nugent

Joe Lord


Paul Arizin

Larry Hennessey

Bob Schafer

Jack Devine

James Mooney


Wali Jones

Bill Melchionni

Hubie White

Johnny Jones

Jim Washington


Chris Ford

Tom Ingelsby

Keith Herron

Howard Porter

Hank Siemiontkowski


Rory Sparrow

Harold Pressley

John Pinone

Ed Pinckney

Dwayne McClain


Kerry Kittles

Alvin Williams

Lance Miller

Tim Thomas

Jason Lawson


Randy Foye

Allan Ray

Kyle Lowry

Curtis Sumpter

Dante Cunningham


Scottie Reynolds

Ryan Arcidiacono

Darrun Hilliard

Josh Hart

Daniel Ochefu

VUSports Villanova Men's Basketball All-Time Team:

Paul Arizin

Wali Jones

Howard Porter

Ed Pinckney

Kerry Kittles

Randy Foye

Scottie Reynolds

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