Catching Up With Bolton

Leader Johnson spoke with Class of 2018, PG prospect, Rasir Bolton recently and shared the conversation with VUSports ...

Rasir Bolton is a 6-3 bottle of explosion.  He plays at Huntington Prep and his buzz is starting to get bigger after receiving offers from such competitive programs as Penn State, Old Dominion and Clemson.  Others are starting to come around and one of college basketballs greats is watching him.  Villanova is keeping a close eye on Rasir.  Why not?  He reminds me of a more athletic Rod Strickland.  Like Strickland he gets to the hole and he can run a team.  His IQ and court vision are sharp and will only get better.  He has an amazing vertical - easily executing between the leg dunks or powerful windmills with monsterous authority.  On every stage he is on whether its AAU, Team Loaded, ADIDAS, or any other summer camp he is proving he is a a must have on any team.

Leader Johnson: The buzz is big on you, man - how are you handling all of it?

Rasir Bolton: I try to just stay consistent in my habits.  Working out, studying film and focusing on ways to get better. 

Leader Johnson: How is your team doing and what are your averages this year. 

Rasir Bolton: Any year without a Championship is a year unfulfilled.  We were talented had some moments, but our goal was to reach The Dicks National Tournament and we didn't so we underachieved. We finished 28-4 overall.

Leader Johnson: Are you from Virginia Beach?  If not, where are you from and how is it where you are from?

Rasir Bolton: A small town, Petersburg, Va, known for Moses Malone and now Kansas' Frank Mason.  Even though it's small and quiet, Petersburg is place that breeds tough people.

Leader Johnson: Who are some of the top high school players you have played against and what were your stats in those games?

Rasir Bolton: Devon Dotson (Providence Day, NC), I had 15 point 12 assists 6 rebounds; Gary Trent Jr (Prolific Prep, CA), I had 14 points and 5 assists (Game winning 3 at buzzer), Aamir Simms and Blue Ridge School, I had 13 points and 6 assists; Elijah Weaver (Oldsmar Christian), I finished with 18 points and 6 assists, and Luguentz Dort and Austin Wiley (Auburn) of Conrad Academy, I finished 36 points and 6 rebounds. 

Leader Johnson: How has Huntington Prep helped your game?

Rasir Bolton: A lot, lifting 3 times a week has built my body up and workouts against my teammates are competitive.  We get after it everyday. 

Leader Johnson: What schools are pursuing you the hardest?

Rasir Bolton: St. Josephs and South Carolina 

Leader Johnson: I know Villanova has interest in you.  Who approached you from Villanova first and when is the last time you heard or had contact from Villanova?

Rasir Bolton: Coach Neptune approached my father and it was about 3 weeks ago. They project having a need at PG in 2018, They feel I can be a Villanova guard and are going to recruit me. 

Leader Johnson: What do you think of Villanova?

Rasir Bolton: I think it's a great school with a championship level coaching staff that knows how to win. I think their style of play fits my game. They give their guards freedom to play, to be creative and make decisions. 

Leader Johnson: Do you plan to visit?

Rasir Bolton: Definitely. 

Leader Johnson: I heard from your father and when a man reaches out for his son, oh yea thats love - how has your life been growing up and how have your parents been an influence in your life?

Rasir Bolton: My life has been great growing up, my parents are the biggest influence on my life, teaching me everything that I need to know to grow and a be a successful man. 

Leader Johnson: Who is your favorite player in the NBA and who do you model your game after?

Rasir Bolton: James Harden is my favorite player, I model my game mostly after him and Damian Lillard 

Leader Johnson: Is there a guy in the NBA right now that you would love to play against?

Rasir Bolton: Russell Westbrook or James Harden. 

Leader Johnson: How are your grades right now in high school?

Rasir Bolton: My GPA right now is a 3.8 and I'm definitely working to get that up to a 4.0.

Leader Johnson: What are schools telling you about where or how they want you to play?

Rasir Bolton: They want me to run the point guard spot, play fast in transition, use ball screens and score the ball. 

Leader Johnson: What has Villanova told you?

Rasir Bolton: They are preparing for possibility of Jalen Brunson leaving after this season and they will need a 2018 point guard and they'll be following and recruiting me.

Leader Johnson: What are your tops schools right now whether they have offered or not?

Rasir Bolton: Villanova, South Carolina, Kansas, Texas, St Joe’s and Rhode Island. 

Leader Johnson: Did you see the 2016 national championship game?  Where were you when Kris Jenkins hit the shot and how did you feel?

Rasir Bolton: I was in my room watching the game and I couldn't believe he got such a clean and open shot for the game winner. 

Leader Johnson: I see Hampton and Virginia Tech have offered you - that has to feel good getting local offers.  Has Virginia contacted you?

Rasir Bolton: It always feels good to know that the schools at home are showing love.  UVA has contacted me and I've been on multiple visits to their campus and had conversations with Tony Bennett. 

Leader Johnson: Speaking of big games you went off against Bam Adebeyo and Ty Graves two highly touted players - you went off for 37 - did you go into that game feeling like you had to prove a point that you are one of the best players in the country …  is that your mindset in these camps when you face other competition?

Rasir Bolton: That is always my mindset, I play with a big chip on my shoulder at all times and in my mind I feel I have a point to prove. 

Leader Johnson: I'm going to say this - the limit is the sky your potential as a 6-3 guard is sensational not many people have the skill and IQ you have.

Rasir Bolton: Thank you, I appreciate it.

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