Dylan Painter Q&A

Leader Johnson caught up with Dylan Painter recently for a quick Q&A and shared it with VUSports ...

Dylan Painter was ranked by Scout as the 88th best player in the nation when he graduated in the High School Class of 2016 and was selected to the play in the Regional Jordan Brand Classic.  As a Senior, he averaged 22 points and 13 rebounds a game for Hershey High School.  Painter recently completed his Freshman season at Villanova - appearing in 23 games, averaging 5.5 MPG, 0.9 PPG and 1.3 RPG (those numbers project to 6.3 points and 9.8 rebounds per game over forty minutes played).

Leader Johnson caught up with Dylan Painter for a quick Q&A and shared it with VUSports:

Leader Johnson: Whats up Dylan how are things going at Villanova?


Dylan Painter: Things are going great.  The year is winding down we are working out and getting ready for finals.


Leader Johnson: This season - I know exiting early was disappointing but getting your first taste had to be good?


Dylan Painter: Yes, last year was a very good experience for me just getting to familiarize myself with things.


Leader Johnson: Next year there is a good freshman class and Omari coming back -how do you feel about this upcoming team next year?


Dylan Painter: I'm excited, I've already built some relationships with some of the guys so it should be fun when they get here.


Leader Johnson: How did Hershey help your game progress you had a monster last year with you high school what else did your team accomplish your last year and Hershey?


Dylan Painter: Unfortunately we missed out on the playoffs my senior year because of a slow start to the season. We ended up winning 8 of our last 10 games though. Playing at Hershey helped me a lot because I was always playing against quality players in the central Pennsylvania region. Central Pennsylvania is often considered to be the second best basketball in the state behind the Philly area of course.


Leader Johnson: How long was Villanova pursuing you and how did you feel when you got that offer?


Dylan Painter: Villanova started pursuing me after my first AAU tournament with Team Final and I was so grateful when I got the offer from Coach Wright.


Leader Johnson: How do you feel about Coach Wright and what are his plans for you?


Dylan Painter: Coach Wright is a great coach.  He is always honest with you about his plans and works with you to achieve your goals.


Leader Johnson: You got in when Darryl went down how did you feel coming in to help the team?


Dylan Painter: Of course I was upset when Darryl went down because he is one of my friends and teammates but I knew it was an opportunity for me to contribute and I did.


Leader Johnson: What part of your game can you say has improved and will help Villanova in the future?


Dylan Painter: My defense has improved but not to the point where it needs to be. Once I get my feet right defensively I believe I could be a force because I am long and strong.


Leader Johnson: Did you grow up in Hershey - how was growing up and how did your parents influence your life?


Dylan Painter: Growing up in Hershey was great. Everyone knew one another and had relationships with one another.  My parents were great motivators who blessed me with the opportunities I was able to take.


Leader Johnson: I remember being in Hershey a couple times especially in Hershey park does it still smell like chocolate and are there any other good players about to make there way out of 



Dylan Painter: Hahaha. Yes it smells like chocolate from time to time. Yes, Hershey and central Pennsylvania has some good players.  Lonnie Walker is one guy from central Pennsylvania but there are loads of others.


Leader Johnson: You were one of the top players coming out of talent rich Pennsylvania a weapon from the inside and outside do you feel it is a chip on your shoulder to prove that you are one of the best?


Dylan Painter: Yes every time I go on the court whether it's for a workout or competition my goal is to be the best.


Leader Johnson: Who in the NBA is your favorite player and who do you model your game after?


Dylan Painter: My favorite player is LeBron James but I try to model my game after Frank Kaminsky. My goal is to be a similar player to him by the end of my career.


Leader Johnson: You were selected for the Regional Jordan Brand classic in 2016 what were your numbers?


Dylan Painter: I had 14 points and 12 Rebounds.


Leader Johnson: How do you describe Villanova basketball - what does Coach Wright teach?


Dylan Painter: Coach teaches us that it isn't about winning.  It's about giving all your heart for 40 minutes and if we were to lose we should lose playing our hardest.


Leader Johnson: Where were you when Kris Jenkins hit the shot?  What was your reaction?  How did you feel?


Dylan Painter: I was in my basement at home and I instantly jumped up in the air and was yelling I was so excited.


Leader Johnson: Who is Dylan Painter? What type of game are you bringing to Villanova what type of player do they have and what is your goal next season?


Dylan Painter: I am going to keep doing what the team needs me to do.  Last year it was playing spot minutes for defense and rebounding and I'll do what I need to do this year.


Leader Johnson: The man, Dylan Painter its been a pleasure and I look forward to seeing you play and contribute to a loaded Villanova team next season?

Dylan Painter: Thank you.  I appreciate it. Top Stories