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Getting to Know Damone Drew

Villanova signee, Damone Drew, an explosive running back from Virginia, recently spoke with Leader Johnson for VUSports.com ...

Damone Drew is an explosive, 3-star, running back out of Virginia - a place that has produced plenty of young talent and Drew is a clear sign of it. Drew was a record breaking running back for Brooke Pointe High School.  His field vision allows him to see holes at a quick pace.  In his junior season, he set a yardage record by almost running for over 2,500 yards.  His senior campaign was even more fascinating as Drew broke his own running records for 2,732 yards and 38 touchdowns.  Despite holding offers from Temple, Cincinnati, Syracuse, and Virginia, Drew chose to take his ability and talent to Villanova - where he appears destined to be a star and continue breaking records with the Wildcats.  Drew is not only a football star but a track star.  24/7 ranks him as a top 40 running back in the nation.  He is a game changer and soon the nation will know him.

Leader Johnson: Whats up Damone?  You are a talent that Villanova fans are much anticipating … how have you been doing and how is Villanova?

Damone Drew: I've been doing good & Villanova is amazing.  I can't wait to get up there and start my next chapter in my life.

Leader Johnson: In your last year of high school how did your team do?

Damone Drew: We did really good - finished 11-2.  Ended in the quarter-finals in the playoffs.  Improved very well in the past 4 years I've been there. 

Leader Johnson: You broke your own record in your senior year how many records did you break at Brooke Pointe?

Damone Drew: I'll say a lot but not sure of the number.  I know with breaking my own single season record twice & having multiple 300+ yards in a game & Most TD's in a game the number must be high. 

Leader Johnson: What was your biggest game in high school - what were your numbers?

Damone Drew: The best game I had was against North Stafford.  25 carries, 390 yards and 6 Touchdowns. 

Leader Johnson: You are very fast and explosive whats your 40 time?

Damone Drew: Official is 4.41 but I'm faster than that now. 

Leader Johnson: What do you bring to Villanova and what has the coaching staff told you about your role this year?

Damone Drew: I personally know I bring a lot of explosive plays and playmaking ability to the table.  Just anyway to get the ball in my hands & contribute. There's been talk of using me for returner this year. 

Leader Johnson: This program has birthed impactful players in the NFL such as Howie Long and Brian Westbrook do you feel you could be that next guy?

Damone Drew: I want to put a lot of time and work into being that type of level both of them were.  So I believe pushing myself will get me where I want to be. 

Leader Johnson: Who recruited you out of Villanova and did you ever meet the legendary coach Andy Talley?  How was he to you and how long was Villanova recruiting you and what made you choose Villanova?

Damone Drew: Coach Adams (Former RB coach).  I met him [Andy Talley] on both visits and he was amazing.  Very classy guy.  It lasted for like two weeks and it had a home feeling to it.  Everyone felt comfortable to be around and I saw bright things for my future being a part of this family. 

Leader Johnson: What do you think of new coach Mark Ferrante and what do you think of the rest of the new staff?

Damone Drew: Coach Ferrante is a great guy.  I love the energy and knowledge he puts into the program.  Being there twenty plus years aside of Coach Talley helps a lot because he's just picking up where everything was left off.  The new staff as well are positive and ready to get things going and build a foundation with coach Ferrante.

Leader Johnson: What other coach stands out to you besides the head coach as a big influence and why?

Damone Drew: Coach Adams has helped a lot to smooth things out for me.  He is one of those coaches you can go to no matter what it is and that means a lot for me as a player and a person. 

Leader Johnson: You and Trajan Anderson are from the same area in Virginia.  What is your relationship and have you played against him?

Damone Drew: Trajan and I had started talking ever since I committed and I wanted him to join when we were building our class. We've played each other for the past 3 years. 

Leader Johnson: How do you feel about Sam Venuto and his vision for the offense and what has he told you about how he will use you?

Damone Drew: Coach Venuto is my guy.  His energy gets me pumped.  He has a great mindset with the offense and breaking things down.  We haven't talked much about that yet but I know it'll be impactful. 

Leader Johnson: How was it growing up and where did you grow up?

Damone Drew: It was all over the place just by moving so many times having my step dad being in the military.  But I mostly grew up in New Jersey where I was born and raised. 

Leader Johnson: How were your parents an influence in your life?

Damone Drew: My mom has been there for it all to support me & encourage me for whatever I do with my life. But I know, with the passing of my dad when I was five years old, has been an influence every day.  I always have that mindset to make him proud every time I step on the field.  I know the path of being successful is challenging but I know I want to show him I have the ability to do it. That is why my motor is always high.

Leader Johnson: What NFL player is your favorite and who do you model your game after?

Damone Drew: My favorite NFL player is between Le'veon Bell, Odell Beckham Jr. & Antonio Brown.  I try to mix up my game with Bell and LeSean McCoy. 

Leader Johnson: What is your definition of a great - not good, but great football player?

Damone Drew: A great football player needs to be impactful in anyway, high motor, shows leadership and putting everything on the line for their brothers. 

Leader Johnson: Has any player took you under his wing or is there any player or players that you have formed a good relationship with?

Damone Drew: Yeah, there's a few players Gerimi Parrett,  A.K.A. “G-money”, Jordan Alvarez and Ian Brown.  All of them I have grown great relationships with on and off the field and consider them family.

Leader Johnson: Its been a pleasure Damone.  Villanova is on the rise to do great things once again.  I will be watching this season and thanks for your time.

Damone Drew: No problem, anytime!  Definitely will give a show and not disappoint.

Enjoy this Damone Drew highlight reel as a preview of what he will do on the Main Line.

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