Introducing Trajan Anderson

Leader Johnson caught up with Class of 2017 Villanova signee, Trajan Anderson recently and this interview serves as a great introduction of the new linebacker to the 'Nova Nation ...

Trajan Anderson was a gem in the Class of 2017 Villanova football recruiting class which ranked no.1 in the CAA.  Anderson, out of Massaponax High School in Virginia, was the second highest rated player in the class.  Hailing out of Fredricksburg, he was his conference player of the year.  A great athlete at 6-2, 230 lb, he can move from side to side very quickly, he keeps his nose on the ball wherever it is, and  if he drops back and covers he is equally dangerous as he is able to read the quarterback with his great football IQ.  Anderson is a big-time gamer ... in his last season at Massaponax he had 43 tackles, 34 of those were solo, and 11 tackles for a loss.  He also recorded three sacks, two interceptions, three passes deflected and two fumble recoveries (including one caused by him).  He is a big piece of the future of Villanova football.

Leader Johnson: Whats going on - how have things been at Villanova?

Trajan Anderson: They have been great!  So far the team looks great and I know all the commits are ready to come in and make a big contribution! 

Leader Johnson: Did you ever meet the great Andy Talley?

Trajan Anderson: Yes sir!  I've met Coach Talley a few times.  Every time I've been up there. 

Leader Johnson: How did your team do last season and what was your best game - do you remember your numbers?

Trajan Anderson: My team did very well last year.  Our record was 13-2 and my best game was probably either Patrick Henry or Stonebridge.  I don't remember my numbers but I had a lot of tackles - double digits.

Leader Johnson: Villanova is a special program in football - a very underrated program … they love to win … as a player and person what do you bring to this team?

Trajan Anderson: I think the main thing I bring is enthusiasm and work ethic.  I'm a firm believer in not letting anybody out-work me.  Also I'm always screaming and hype so that is good.

Leader Johnson: How do you feel about Coach Mark Ferrante and what type of guy is he?

Trajan Anderson: Coach Ferrante is great.  I'm really excited to play for him! 

Leader Johnson: I know you heard it a lot - the stories of Michael Vick and Allen Iverson - now, you look to continue that legacy of great Virginia players?

Trajan Anderson: That is some motivation!  Try to get my name up there with those guys. But that's more in the back of my mind.

Leader Johnson: What makes you that guy to get as a linebacker - what separates you from the rest?

Trajan Anderson: I think that I'm a very instinctual player and that I'm very football smart which helps me move better on the field. 

Leader Johnson: What has Villanova told you about this upcoming season?  What will your role be?

Trajan Anderson: They really haven't said much.  My role, personally, is to come in and out-work everyone and do the best I can and do what I can to help the team.

Leader Johnson: Where did you come up and how was it coming up?

Trajan Anderson: I was born in Woodbridge, Virginia but I've lived in Fredericksburg pretty much my entire life.  And it's been good - nothing too bad, we get by. 

Leader Johnson: How were your parents in your life have they been an influence and what defines Trajan Anderson?

Trajan Anderson: Yeah, they've been an influence.  My dad mostly.  He is just very critical of my game and is always telling me what I can do to be better. 

Leader Johnson: Did you play fellow Virginia guy now teammate Damone Drew and how good is he?

Trajan Anderson: Yes, I did.  Damone is a helluva player.  Probably the fastest running back I've ever played against. 

Leader Johnson: What NFL player is your guy right now and what guy in the NFL is the No.1 linebacker to you and do you model your game after him?

Trajan Anderson:  My favorite NFL player is Tyrann Mathieu, the best linebacker in football is easily Luke Kuechly and I do try to model how I play after him.

Leader Johnson: What impressed you the most about Villanova and what made you choose Villanova?

Trajan Anderson: What impressed me most was how long the coaches have all been there and how they've built the program.  I chose Villanova because it felt like home immediately.  I was very comfortable. 

Leader Johnson: How long did Villanova pursue you?

Trajan Anderson: All season I was talking to them and then I received the offer late in the season.

Leader Johnson: What do you want your legacy to be at Villanova?

Trajan Anderson: I just want to be a part of the team that wins the National Championship! 

Leader Johnson: What guys have you grown a relationship with at Villanova?

Trajan Anderson: I got really tight with Rob Rolle, Ed Shockley, and Taurus Phillips when I went up for my visit.  I also was with Austin Calitro and Tanoh Kpassagnon for awhile. 

Leader Johnson: How is this new staff at Villanova and how is New Defensive coordinator Joe Trainer what has he told you?

Trajan Anderson: They're great!  Coach Trainer is awesome and he has just told me that he believes that I will be a great player there.  I can tell he has high expectations of me.

Leader Johnson: Been good to sit down with you Trajan and I’m looking forward to seeing this Villanova team get down and your great future take shape big man.

Trajan Anderson: Thank you!  It's been great doing this! 

Here is a Trajan Anderson highlight video.

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