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Elijah Weaver Interview

Leader Johnson caught up with 2018 stand-out, Elijah Weaver for a Q&A ...

Elijah Weaver is ranked 26th nationally in the Class of 2018 by Scout and as the 7th best point guard prospect in the country.  He uses great dribbling, the quickness to cross you over and his physicality to relentlessly get to the basket and make plays.  Weaver is listed as a point guard but he is a combo guard in my opinion.  He has played against the best and is the leader of his Oldsmar High School team

Leader Johnson: What is going on Elijah?  How busy have you been this year - your name continues to ring bells throughout the nation?

Elijah Weaver: What's going on.  I haven't really been that busy just talking to coaches mainly but not a lot, only a few, so I guess "somewhat busy" is what you can call it .

Leader Johnson: How did Oldsmar do this year and what were your averages?

Elijah Weaver:  We did well this year.  We achieved our ultimate goal which was to win a state championship.  On that team I was averaging 18 points , 8 assists, and like 4 rebounds.

Leader Johnson: What was your biggest game this year and what were your stats?

Elijah Weaver: Against the #1 team in the nation La Lumiere , I had 18 points and 5 assists. 

Leader Johnson: Were you born and raised in Florida if not where were you born and raised?

Elijah Weaver: No, I was born in Albany, Georgia but I spent most my life in Cocoa , FL.

Leader Johnson: Was it rough coming up - how was it and who influenced you the most?

Elijah Weaver: Not really.  My dad influenced me the most.  Him and my mom always pushed me to be better everyday.

Leader Johnson: Is Villanova still your dream school and who are your top schools right now?

Elijah Weaver:  Yes, I still love Villanova, my top schools are Oklahoma State, Florida , Butler, USC , UCLA , Georgia Tech, NC State , and Virginia.  

Leader Johnson: What are your impressions of Jay Wright, besides being the man who likes to be fly in those suits?

Elijah Weaver:  He's a very cool , down to earth guy.

Leader Johnson: What made you love Villanova and call it your dream school?

Elijah Weaver: I just remember always watching them as a kid.

Leader Johnson: How long have you been playing basketball?

Elijah Weaver: Since I was in 6th grade - so 5 years. 

Leader Johnson: How has Oldsmar made you grow as a basketball player?  Whats coaches do you give credit to? 

Elijah Weaver: Oldsmar has helped me grow in numerous ways.  Coach Jordan Fair helped me a lot.  John Bianchi, Alex Rivas,Tom Bianchi, Thomas Horn, Trevor Bing .. a lot of guys put a lot of time into helping me.  Some more than others but I appreciate all those coaches.

Leader Johnson: Who are some of the guys to watch out for coming off your team?

Elijah Weaver: D.J. Mitchell, a very solid shooting guard, and Micheal Durr, one of our bigs.

Leader Johnson: Jahvon Quinerly, Cameron Reddish, Jalen Smith - have you communicated or played with any of these guys and what would it be like to play with these guys?

Elijah Weaver: I talked to Quinerly before and I'd love to play with him.  He's talented and I think we'd do damage if we went to school together.

Leader Johnson: Have you planned any future visits to Villanova and do you have any idea when you will make your decision?

Elijah Weaver: I definitely want to take an official visit there but I don't know when I'll make my decision. 

Leader Johnson: What NBA player do you model your game after? Who is your favorite pro player?

Elijah Weaver: James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Kyrie and my favorite is James Harden. 

Leader Johnson: What could you bring to the Villanova program?

Elijah Weaver:  Leadership and just a different swag.  I feel like I play with a chip on my shoulder and I think I would just come in and lead those guys.

Leader Johnson:  Besides Villanova what schools are pursuing you the hardest?

Elijah Weaver: Florida, Oklahoma State, Virginia, Butler, and USC. 

Leader Johnson: You hit 37 in a come from behind win at the Holiday Hoopsgiving in Atlanta.  When did you get the mentality like its time to come back and do it like that - at what time in the game did you say that?

Elijah Weaver: As soon as I got in the game.  I didn't start, so as soon as I checked in it was go time.

Leader Johnson: I look forward to your future wherever you go and I will be watching you going forward.  God bless you man.

Elijah Weaver: I appreciate it sir 

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