Getting to Know Aidan Igiehon

Class of 2019, forward, Aidan Igiehon chatted recently with Leader Johnson and the interview serves as a nice introduction of Igiehon to 'Nova Nation ...

Class of 2019, Center Aidan Igiehon has size (6-10, 225), power, can run the floor with ease and has an impressive vertical.  Playing at Lawrence Woodmere Academy in Woodmere, NY, he is both agile and aggressive.  With his skills and some progression, this Irish import could develop into a 5-star recruit.  Coach Jay Wright and Assistant Coach Kyle Neptune have already been out to scout him and he is firmly on the Villanova radar.  Igiehorn holds offers from St. Johns, Arizona and Stanford.

Leader Johnson: How was your High School season?

Aidan Igiehon: My high school season was great, everything I had hoped for came to pass.  What I hoped for was to win my league and win a state championship and I achieved both.  This season, I averaged 21 points and 17 rebounds; which I couldn't have done without my teammates. 

Leader Johnson: What is Ireland like?

Aidan Igiehon: Ireland is totally a different place in regard to the States.  It is very quiet and isn't as highly populated as America.  Regarding basketball, the difference of how the game is played in Ireland and America is like night and day.  The physicality, speed and intensity of the game of basketball in America is on a totally different level. 

Leader Johnson: When did you know you wanted to play basketball and the did the decision to come to America develop?

Aidan Igiehon: My first love wasn't basketball, it was actually soccer.  The first time I picked up a basketball was when I was 12 years old.  I was about 5-7 but I fell in love with the game straight away.  I hit a huge growth spurt and by the time I was thirteen I was 6-6 and my team decided to take a trip to America.  I went to a Sixers camp and High School coaches were interested.  My team went back to Ireland and I stayed. 

Leader Johnson: How have your parents been an influence in your life?  Are they here in America?  How do they feel about New York?

Aidan Igiehon: My mom is all I have and she did everything for me.  She was my mother and father all in one.  She always taught me to work hard and always give full effort.  My mother is currently in Ireland, so I live with my uncle and aunt in New York.  Of course my mother misses me a whole lot, I miss her also. But, she knows that what I'm doing over here will benefit my future.  She is happy that I am in New York. 

Leader Johnson: Watching the NBA is there a player you model your game after?

Aidan Igiehon: Oh, that's a toughie.  I think I'm stuck between DeAndre Jordan and Anthony Davis. 

Leader Johnson: There have been Irish-American NBA greats.  Who are the guys you heard about from your country that have played in America and who from Ireland is a big name there?

Aidan Igiehon:  Pat Burke is the only Irish born player to play in the NBA.  He is probably the biggest name in Ireland.  Hopefully I can fulfill my dream so I can be a big name also.  

Leader Johnson: What big time recruits have you played against and what were your numbers against them?

Aidan Igiehon: Recently, I played against Bol Bol and Shareef O'Neal and I had a dominant game.  I finished off with 18 and 10 with multiple dunks. 

Leader Johnson: How do you feel about Villanova and are they high on your list?

Aidan Igiehon: Villanova is definitely up there amongst other schools. They were one of my first offers and they definitely have been recruiting me hard. 

Leader Johnson: Do you plan on visiting Villanova what is your timeline on making your decision?

Aidan Igiehon:  I do plan on visiting Villanova - maybe my junior year.  I'm not close to making my decision, I'm still 16 and a sophomore so I have a lot of time. 

Leader Johnson: What do you bring to a team?

Aidan Igiehon:  I would like to think that I bring a lot to a team.  I bring energy, blocked shots and rebounds and also encouragement.  I always reassure my teammates to forget the mistakes and move on to the next play. 

Leader Johnson: Great talking to you, man.  Thanks a lot for your time.

Aidan Igiehon: No doubt L.J., it was my pleasure.  All the best, man! Top Stories