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1-On-1 With Koby Isaac

Koby Isaac (Class of 2019, combo guard) and Leader Johnson tagged up for this one-on-one interview recently. Isaac has a cousin familiar to Villanova fans ...

Class of 2019, Combo Guard, Koby Isaac of Southwest Atlanta Chrisitan Academy spoke recently with Leader Johnson for this one-on-one interview.  Isaac is a three-star prospect with a cousin who played for Villanova ...

Leader Johnson: Whats going on Koby how has this year been and what are your averages?


Koby Isaac: This past High School season has been a little challenging. I came into this year with expectations that did not pan out for reasons that were not in my control.  But, I believe my game improved a lot because of it all.  Unfortunately my numbers from this past season don’t reflect my true game.  However, AAU season and the upcoming school year will be more accurate.


Leader Johnson: Where are you from and how has it been growing up?


Koby Isaac: I am from Atlanta, GA. It’s been fun growing up in Atlanta with my parents, younger brother and sister.  I have met a lot athletes and entertainers and even become friends with some of them.  My parents always say ‘Only in the ATL this would happen’.


Leader Johnson: How have your parents influenced your life?


Koby Isaac: They have influenced me in a good way. They have showed me the rights from the wrongs and are doing their best to guide me on the right path.  I don’t know where I would be without them.


Leader Johnson: How are you and Darrun Hillard related and do you two talk?


Koby Isaac:  We share the same cousin. In other words my uncle and his aunt have a son, so we are not blood related. Our connection is more through our parents. My dad talks to his mom a few times a year and my uncle is extremely close to them.


Leader Johnson: What has he told you about Villanova? and who have you communicated with on the coaching staff?


Koby Isaac: His mom likes Villanova a lot.  She brags about the coaching staff and how they look out for the kids there.  She says Darrun getting a degree from there was the best thing.  My dad has personally spoken with Coach Jay Wright and Darrun’s mom has told us Coach Wright really likes my game.


Leader Johnson: What do you like about Villanova and are they high on your list?


Koby Isaac:  Villanova is about team ball no one player is above the pack.  Their attitude is straight beast-mode. It is high on my list.  It is near my dad’s hometown of Reading and I like the coaching style.


Leader Johnson: What other schools have been in contact and who has pursued you the hardest?


Koby Isaac: Florida State, Georgia Tech, Memphis, Wake Forest, Wichita State, Virginia, Notre Dame, Brown.  However, Florida State has been the heaviest out of the group.  I did an unofficial visit to Wake Forest last summer and I have been to a few Georgia Tech games this year also.  But FSU is showing the most interest right now.


Leader Johnson: Knowing and being related to Darrun Hillard do you know any other Villanova players?


Koby Isaac: None personally. But I really like [Kris] Jenkins and [Josh] Hart.


Leader Johnson: What top high school players have you played against and what were your numbers?


Koby Isaac:  I played against a few: Chuma Okeke (Auburn), Ikey Obiagu (FSU), Victor Enoh (Memphis), Jamie Lewis, Ashton Hagan and many more.  But my best performance came in the Regional Championship this year against Ikey and Victor I dropped 14 points in the 4th quarter to almost give us the victory.  I was in a zone.


Leader Johnson: What makes you the point guard to get in this class?  What would Villanova get with Koby Isaac?


Koby Isaac:  I am still developing and have a lot to learn but I believe I am well rounded.  I can score on all 3 levels when needed.  I have great court vision.  I am a good rebounding guard and my length allows me to guard multiple positions.  Villanova would get a person who is not about hype but substance - just like their program.


Leader Johnson: What has Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy done to improve your game?


Koby Isaac: Made me physically and mentally stronger.


Leader Johnson: Who is the NBA player you model your game after?


Koby Isaac: He is taller but people always compared my frame and shooting to KD. So I model my game after Kevin Durant.


Leader Johnson: What was your best all-around game?


Koby Isaac: I had a few this year and they all didn’t come from big time scoring. They were driven by any and every thing it took to win. However if I had to pick one it would be the Regional Championship against Green Forest Christian Academy where I dropped 14 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block, 3 assists, 1 steal in a single quarter.  Ikey is seven feet tall and they’re some big guys, so for me to do put up these numbers in one quarter made me hype.

Leader Johnson: What part of your game has improved the most?


Koby Isaac: Strength and conditioning. Working with my strength and conditioning coach, Coach Carter I feel like a beast. This has allowed me to be quicker and more explosive. I knew I made improvements when my basketball trainer Coach Corbin, who is a hard guy to impress, was excited to see my explosiveness in workouts.


Leader Johnson: When did you start playing basketball and when did you know that basketball is it for you?


Koby Isaac: I didn’t start really until I was 12. I knew basketball was it when people told me I had a natural jump shot. Everybody always made a big deal about my jump shot. It made me feel good so I figured if I actually put some work in I could be great one day.  

Leader Johnson: Great interview … stay in those books, I will be watching. 

Koby Isaac: Thanks!

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