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1-On-1 With Armando Bacot

Get to know a little more about Armando Bacot, courtesy of Leader Johnson. Villanova recently offered the talented, Class of 2019 big from Virginia ...

4-star power forward, Armando Bacot from Richmond, Virginia is a 6-9, 225 pound, big-man with long arms and a nice touch.  He plays a tough, throw-back style of basketball.  A “paint commander”, Bacot attends Trinity Episcopal high school.  His long arms make him a problem to play against on both ends of the floor.  He is one of the top 60 players in the country in the Class of 2019 and the No.1 ranked power forward in Virginia according to Scout.  Bacot recently received a Villanova offer and he holds offers from Penn State, Georgetown, Maryland, TCU, California, Baylor, N.C. State, and Florida State.  If you ask me to make a comparison - he is an Al Horford type.

Leader Johnson: How did the Villanova offer come about?  What do you think of Villanova and what have they told you?

Armando Bacot: Coach Jay Wright came to my game and offered over the phone the following week.  He said he likes my skill set and my composure on the floor.

Leader Johnson: Are they high are on your list?

Armando Bacot: I don't have a list but it's definitely a school I'd consider.

Leader Johnson: What is your ideal school?

Armando Bacot: Good education, good school, good basketball program. 

Leader Johnson: How did your team do last year and what were your numbers against top recruits?

Armando Bacot:  We went 35-1, won a state championship, and I played well against them.

Leader Johnson: Your wingspan is crazy how much do you value defense?

Armando Bacot: I love being able to defend and block shots because it's exciting and makes me look good. 

Leader Johnson: What player in the NBA do you model your game after?

Armando Bacot: Jahlil Okafor or Joel Embiid.

Leader Johnson: Did you come up in Richmond?  How has it been growing up and how influential are your parents in your life?

Armando Bacot: Yes, I came up in Richmond and my mom and dad are both influential in my life. 

Leader Johnson: This is a very talented class - what does Armando Bacot bring to a team?

Armando Bacot: Low post scoring, shot blocking and passing.  Also, I can stretch out the floor. 

Leader Johnson: How have you been doing in Tournaments and camps? 

Armando Bacot: My “Team Loaded” team is 8-0 and I've been averaging 15 [points] and 11 [rebounds].

Leader Johnson: What other teams have been pursuing you hard and as of right now do you have any top teams? 

Armando Bacot: Maryland, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Virginia,  UNC, Duke and Miami I would say is pursuing me the hardest although I don't have offers from Duke and UNC. 

Leader Johnson: How do you feel about Penn State and how long have they been pursuing you?

Armando Bacot: Well, I went to Penn State elite camp and I visited there for a weekend when they played my favorite football school, Ohio State.  But, I really like Penn State and their coaches are amazing and they were one of the first schools to recruit me.

Leader Johnson: If you commit to Villanova, what would fans be in store for?

Armando Bacot: Just an exciting player.

Leader Johnson: Great talking to you Armando.  I wish you the best?

Armando Bacot:  Thanks!

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