Matt Rosso Talks Villanova Offer

Pennsbury High School, football stand-out, Matt Rosso recently visited Villanova and picked up a scholarship offer. Afterwards, he spoke with Leader Johnson about a variety of topics ...

Matt Rosso is a 6-6, 260 beast from Pennsbury High School in Fairless Hills, PA, Class of 2018. Rosso has powerful arms and when he plays Defensive Tackle he can spear through a line with ease.  He is tough and could be an impact linemen for any team who would place him at defensive tackle.  

Rosso recently picked up a Villanova offer to go with offers from Fordham, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Rosso is a top priority for Villanova and is being recruited as an Offensive Tackle.  He could prove to be a brutal force with his power to push people back and not allow them to get an inch of the quarterback.  Rosso could be a great piece to building an elite line.

Leader Johnson: Have you visited Villanova?

Matt Rosso: Yes, I was there on Friday.  The campus was really nice.

Leader Johnson: How long has Villanova been pursuing you?

Matt Rosso: I first started talking to Coach Flinn at the end of March.

Leader Johnson: Which position do you favor more Offensive Tackle or Defensive Tackle?

Matt Rosso: I don't favor one position over the other but I am used to playing defensive tackle and I am still learning offensive tackle.  As my senior season happens i'm sure i'll get just as comfortable at Offensive Tackle as I am at Defensive Tackle

Leader Johnson: When did people start recognizing you as an Offensive Tackle?

Matt Rosso: Schools recognized me as an Offensive Tackle as soon as they started recruiting me.

Leader Johnson: What other teams are pursing you and which teams are pursuing you the hardest?

Matt Rosso: UMass (Massachusetts), UVA (Virginia), and Fordham are my offers. I have other schools recruiting me as well.

Leader Johnson: What are your top schools?

Matt Rosso: I don't have any top schools right now.

Leader Johnson: What pro player do you model your game after?

Matt Rosso: I don't really try to play like any players but I like how Ndamukong Suh plays.

Leader Johnson: Where did you and your family grow up and how did your parents influence your upbringing?

Matt Rosso: I've grown up in the same house most of my life.  We played a lot of sports growing up.  They are and have been a big influence in my life.

Leader Johnson: What type of player does a team get with Matt Rosso?

Matt Rosso: The type of player a team gets from me is a hard working player.

Leader Johnson: What did Villanova tell you about where they want you to play and your future with Villanova?

Matt Rosso: They want me to play Offensive Tackle and are excited about what I can do if I play there.

Leader Johnson: It was great talking to you, Matt?

Matt Rosso: It was great talking to you too.

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