1-On-1 with Cole Swider

Leader Johnson caught up with Class of 2018, Forward prospect, Cole Swider for a 1-on-1 interview about his game, his recruitment and more ...

2018, 4-star, forward, Cole Swider is a basketball player’s basketball player - a true warrior on the floor.  He can shoot from outside with a deadly touch and he is tough in the post as a rebounder and a good defender.  But thats not all.  He is a hustler's hustler.  He scraps for the ball, he is tough in the paint and will battle with anybody.  At 6-7, 210, he has a perfect build for a small forward and he is a big recruiting target of Villanova.  The St. Andrews high school star is the No.1 ranked player in the state of Rhode Island, 24th ranked small forward and No.99 ranked player in the nation.  Swider recently released his top 8 which consisted of Michigan, Syracuse, Miami(FL), Indiana, Creighton, Xavier, Providence, and yes, ‘Nova Nation.

Leader Johnson: I guess the EYBL is where you want to cast your wrath, huh?  You’ve been killing the competition and really making a statement.  Are you playing with a chip on your shoulder or is it just Cole putting in work?

Cole Swider: I've just been trying to play my game!  I think it has carried over from my high school season - just trying to be aggressive and win games.

Leader Johnson: How did St. Andrew’s do this past season and what were your averages?

Cole Swider: It went really well!  We proved a lot of people wrong and had a good year.  My averages were 26 points and 11 rebounds per game.

Leader Johnson: What do you think of Villanova and how long have they been recruiting you?

Cole Swider: They have really picked it up as of late and I really like what they have.

Leader Johnson: Are you planning to visit?  If so, when?

Cole Swider: I have already visited twice but I plan to visit again.

Leader Johnson: What has Villanova told you?

Cole Swider: They think I could be an impact guy right away, and help them win another national championship.

Leader Johnson: Name some of the top recruits in the nation you have played and what were your numbers against those guys?

Cole Swider: I have played against a lot of dudes, I can't remember my numbers but I have played well.

Leader Johnson: Rhode Island - I have never been but it sounds like a cool place - just laid back.  How was your life growing up in Barrington and how has your family influenced you growing up?

Cole Swider: My parents are a big part of my life, they have given me the tools to be successful, and yeah Rhode Island is the spot!

Leader Johnson: How long have you been playing basketball and what player in the NBA do you compare your skills too?

Cole Swider: I have been playing since I was 5 and I would compare my skill set to Chandler Parsons and Gordon Hayward.

Leader Johnson: Is Villanova high on your list?

Cole Swider: They are in my top 8 now!

Leader Johnson: You play hard every play - what gives you that energy, what motivates you to play so hard and what position do you feel the most comfortable defending?

Cole Swider: I just love playing basketball!  I love competing and I feel most comfortable guarding the 3.

Leader Johnson: What teams are pursuing you the hardest?

Cole Swider: All of the schools in my 8 are recruiting me hard.

Leader Johnson: What are you looking for in a school?

Cole Swider:  Somewhere where I will play right away and can get me to the next level.

Leader Johnson: What is the difference between a good and a great basketball player?

Cole Swider: How hard the person is willing to work.

Leader Johnson: You have a gifted shot - with10 seconds left somebody has to take that shot are you one of those players and why?

Cole Swider: I believe in myself to take and make that shot.

Leader Johnson: You are a very good player because of how hard you work.  Keep your eye on the prize young man - been great talking to you.

Cole Swider: Thanks!

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