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1-On-1 with Donovan May

Villanova outfielder, Donovan May spoke 1-on-1 recently with Leader Johnson and the interview is being shared "special to" VUSports ...

Donovan May is a talented outfielder on the Villanova baseball team.  As a Junior, he hit .287 with a .389 on base percentage and a .346 slugging percentage.  He also had a team best seven games with at least 3 hits with a total of 14 multi-hit games.  In his recently completed Senior campaign, The Newark (DE) native batted .243 with a .309 on base percentage and a .280 slugging percentage.  May hits even better when it is even more important - he hit .381 with runners on base and an insane .415 with runners in scoring position as a Junior.


Leader Johnson: How was the season?


Donovan May: The season wasn’t what we hoped but a lot of good things have come out of it.  Going forward, I believe that will benefit us in the future.  We have a really young team with a lot of growing pains but this team has really started to make large strides to reach the full potential we need to be at moving forward.


Leader Johnson: You did a lot of damage to pitchers when your team was in position to score.  Is that one of your strong points - mentally, do you feel a sense of urgency when you have runners on?


Donovan May: I think when there are runners in scoring position that is really when a batter has to be locked in. My team is relying on me to get the job done and my main focus is to put my best swing on the ball to drive the runner.


Leader Johnson: What order do you usually hit in the line up?


Donovan May: I normally hit leadoff, but this year I hit from leadoff all the way to clean up.  I believe I can be very versatile as a player in what I can do at the plate and I think my coach recognizes that I can hit wherever in the order.


Leader Johnson: As a fielder how did you do and how many errors did you have?


Donovan May: As a fielder I had a pretty solid defensive season.  I made three errors this year out of the whole year and I believe that this season I definitely elevated my defensive play in the field.


Leader Johnson: Tell us about Newark, Delaware what type of city is it?


Donovan May: Newark is a small city, but Delaware in general is a small state.  Everybody knows everybody, but one person’s success is everyone’s success.  I have a lot of family in Delaware so everywhere I go I manage to run into someone I know or a relative.  The city is great.  It is about 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and it is really easy to go home when I want to.


Leader Johnson: What do you love about Villanova?


Donovan May: The thing that I love most about Villanova is that we have tight-knit community.  It is not too big and it is not too small. Everyone seems to have a mutual friend or know someone who knows you.  I feel like being a smaller school really brings us together and just being a part of ‘Nova Nation is an elite honor that we all take pride in.


Leader Johnson: Do you feel the team will improve and why?


Donovan May: Last year was certainly disappointing but I will always have a positive outlook going forward.  I believe with Coach Mulvey and the new young guys we have, things will turn around.  We are really making strides as a program to be on the level of many other successful colleges - as far as updating our facilities and bringing in high character guys that can help us win.


Leader Johnson: Who were the leaders on this team?


Donovan May: The leaders on this team were definitely Todd Czinege and Hunter Schryver.  Those guys are our captains so a lot of people look up to them to help lead the team.  I do what I can to guide the young guys in the right direction when it comes to the mental game of baseball as well as the physical side.  All three of us have been four year starters, so it is our responsibility to set the example for the team.


Leader Johnson: What pro player do you compare your game too?


Donovan May: I compare myself to Curtis Granderson a lot just because he is a right handed throwing and left handed batting outfielder.  I have always been a fan of Curtis Granderson growing up.  He plays spectacular defense and has great speed.  One thing he can do is hit for power and that is one thing that I admire about his game.  But overall I say Curtis Granderson because of his role on the defensive side and it translates into how I try to fit my game.


Leader Johnson: What was your best game last year?


Donovan May: I would say my best game last year was against Saint Peter’s when I went 3-for-4 with three runs, two RBI, a double, a triple and a walk.  So, basically, I was a home run away from the cycle.


Leader Johnson: What are your strengths and what do you need to improve on?


Donovan May: I would say my strengths are my ability to run bases as well as my speed, my awareness at the plate, and also my defensive play.  I would say some things I will need to continue to work on moving forward is to improve on stealing bases.


Leader Johnson: How were the new guys this year which recruit most impressed you?


Donovan May: The new guys on the team this year have really impressed me.  Starting off they were just trying to adjust to the speed of the college game, but eventually they picked it up and will be really good for us.  All the new guys were pretty impressive in different areas of the game, but one person who really impressed me from the start of the year was Ryan Toohers.  He went through his ups and downs of the season, but towards the end he really started to figure things out and I think he will be one of the top offensive leaders for the next couple years.


Leader Johnson: What type of player is a team playing against when they play you?


Donovan May: When a team is going up against me they should know they are going up against a fighter.  I do not back down easily when it comes to hitting with two strikes or hustling to balls in the field.  I make it my goal to play as hard as I can and control what I can control and that gives me the ability to not fear anyone on the field.  If they give me a pitch to hit, I make it my mission to hit the ball harder and sprint around the bases as hard as I can.


Leader Johnson: Great talking to you.  Thanks.


Donovan May: Thank you, I appreciate it.  Best of luck with everything!

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