Phillips Brothers Working Hard

Bath County is home to two of the better football prospects in the state of Virginia -- not to mention two of the hardest workers.

Bath County rising senior Jacob Phillips and rising junior John Phillips are working hard this summer, keeping in shape and getting stronger.

"I lift, me and my brother, every morning from 7-9," Jacob Phillips said. "We work hard at it to get stronger."

Thanks to their work ethic, Jacob and John have improved their bodies and games to the point where colleges are showing heavy interest.

"I've got a top five of Maryland, Virginia Tech, UVa, William & Mary, and Richmond," Jacob said. He does not currently have any offers at this point.

Meanwhile, John, just a rising junior, is already starting to turn some heads. "Virginia Tech is looking at him pretty good," Jacob said of his 6'6, 225-pound brother. "Vanderbilt, when we went, was impressed with him too. He was one of the top four defensive ends at the Vanderbilt camp. He's done good."

As has the Bath County team the past few years. "We're 36-4 while I've been here," said Jacob Phillips who has started at quarterback every season. "We've been in a good program here."

And if he continues to work hard and to improve, there's a chance he could be in a good program for the next four to five years of his life as well.

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