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Seth LeDay’s Coach Details Recruitment, More

“I don’t want it to be mistaken that they’re just getting a guy that’s a really good players’ brother,” Coach Bubba Skelton said.

Last week, Virginia Tech gained a second LeDay. 

This week, his junior college coach opened up about forward Seth LeDay’s recruitment from Northwest Mississippi Community College and why he ended up choosing the Hokies.

Junior college forward Seth LeDay followed his brother, but his junior college coach, Bubba Skelton, emphasized that the younger LeDay is no legacy offer.

“They’re going to get a really good player in Seth,” Skelton said. “I don’t want it to be mistaken that they’re just getting a guy that’s a really good players’ brother. Seth is 6’7”, probably going to be 6’8”, and got guard skills as far as putting the ball on the floor and very athletic…I think it is a blessing that he’s got the year to sit out, to be honest, to shore up the things that he needs to in order to play at that level in order to contribute.”

That isn’t saying that family didn’t play a factor in LeDay’s recruitment. 

“It was huge,” Skelton said. “To be able to go up there and to be around Zach, his senior year with the success that he’s had with those guys, it’s huge. I know it was big for his mother.

“To be able to see both of those kids and to be with people she trusts,” Skelton continued, “and to be honest, that I trust, but more so their family, because Steve Roccaforte recruited Zach, he recruited Seth, he had something to do with Seth coming to school here at our place. He and I go back a long ways and been friends for a while, so that was a big factor for Seth going there." 

While Virginia Tech ended up being the choice in the end, LeDay had a long and winding recruitment process out of junior college.

“His recruiting process was extensive,” Skelton said. “He wanted to go to the best level he could go to, like a lot of junior college kids. The situation with Seth [LeDay] is that…his deal with Virginia Tech came about kind of late and it was real clear for one reason, and I’ll tell you what it was: Seth graduated at our school. He did a great job academically catching up at our school. He has the 2.5 and above that you’re supposed to have to go the Division 1 level and play immediately.

“But, the ACC has a three-semester rule,” Skelton continued. “He’s only been at our school for two semesters. So now, he’s going to have to come back and complete a semester at our school to be able to play at the ACC level. 

“I have no doubt that he would’ve been recruited by more people if that was clear at the front-end,” Skelton continued. “But it wasn’t. When this situation came up with Virginia Tech, and they had scholarships available, and he was able to go to that level, it was pretty much a no-doubt deal he should do.”  

LeDay put up impressive numbers at the beginning of the season, including scoring over 20 points in six of their first seven games.

Other teams took notice of LeDay’s early season scoring and made adjustments to counter his offensive productivity. For the season, LeDay averaged 18.5 points-per-game and eight rebounds-per-game. The transition from the junior college league to the ACC will require a strong work ethic and discipline from LeDay, but he knows on what he needs to focus. 

“Seth is very aware of what he needs to get better at, which any kid that moves to that level needs to get better at all areas,” Skelton said. “Strength wise, he needs to improve. When I say that, he’s not a weak kid, a weak player. But, that step-up to that level, no matter who it is, is going to have to improve in that area.  

“He is lanky,” Skelton continued. “He’s strong for his size, but he needs to get bigger and more physically mature, number one. Number two, his outside jump shot, his parameter jump shot, he knows he needs to get consistent at that. So, those are the two main areas that he needs to improve to be able to help Coach [Buzz] Williams at Virginia Tech.”

LeDay will be redshirting during his brother’s senior year at Virginia Tech, but his coach believes that works to his advantage. 

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“It’s a shame that every single person that goes that level doesn’t have that year to do that,” Skelton said. “I think you’d see better basketball teams with better players if they did that, if they could do it. It’s an adjustment. I think it’s a perfect situation for Seth.”

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