2018 running back Shaun Shivers has standouts, visits

2018 running back Shaun Shivers gives latest on upcoming plans, schools resonating with him,

            Football is where most know Chaminade Madonna (Fla.) 2018 running back Shaun Shivers from. But he’s been equally as impressive on the track.

            At the state meet last month, Shivers reports that he ran a 10.47 100m dash and a 21.43 200m dash, both of which earned him runner-up spots. It’s that speed that makes him plenty attractive to college football coaches. But it’s also what makes him determined to run track at the next level as well.

            Shivers has 23 offers, most recently from TCU, Georgia, South Carolina and Marshall. But as he sifts through his options, Shivers wants to keep running and other options on his plate. 

            “What’s important to me is probably the spread offense and the education,” he said. “I want somewhere that has a good business program and somewhere that will let me run track too. I’ve been running track since I was a baby.

            “I always wanted to do both sports. I know when I get to college, I’ll break records at the school I’m attending.”

            Count Virginia Tech among those giving Shivers the opportunity to run track and play football. But other options about the Hokies also have his attention.


            “I like the coaching staff,” Shivers said. “I like the vibe. Also, I like the offense they run. Sometimes they get in two back and sometimes they spread. We run that in high school, so that plays a part in it, too.”

            Assistant coach Charley Wiles has been the lead recruiter for Virginia Tech. And though Shivers has yet to see Blacksburg, Wiles has him intrigued.

            “He came out to the spring game during the open period,” Shivers said. “He was like, ‘Man, we want you.’ He saw me run the ball and said we’re so impressive. We want you. I got his card and he said he’d keep in touch. He said he wanted me to come visit as well.”

            From June 10-16, Shivers plans to get a look at a number of his options. He plans on taking visits to South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Florida then Florida State.

            As of now, Shivers said West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Auburn are among those that have resonated with him most. But the Tigers might have a slight leg up.

            “It’s mostly the spread offense and I’m talking to (Auburn commit Joey) Gatewood already,” Shivers said. “He’s always talking to me, saying, ‘Come with me.’ With me and him in the backfield, that’s trouble. He’s a great quarterback and I’m a great back with a lot of speed. That’s a killer offense right there. When the coaches came out, it was just a vibe. They’re just so cool.”

            For now, Shivers has work to do off the field. Aside from his recruitment, he has big plans coming.

            “I just wanna win, help my team win, get to a state championship,” Shivers said. “We want it bad this year, so we just need to come together as a team. We’re gonna get it done and get to state. That’s what we’re focused on right now.”

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