Three-star center Johnny Jordan details visits, decision timeline

Three-star center Johnny Jordan added another offer Friday, from Virginia Tech. But where is he headed next? Will the Hokies get a chance to host him on a visit?

            There’s already been a string of visits earlier this year. Over the next few weeks, more could especially shape the recruitment of Gonzaga (DC) three-star center Johnny Jordan.

            Virginia Tech offered Friday, bringing Jordan’s total to 19 offers. A few, though, are beginning to separate themselves a bit from the others, as he looks towards a decision later this year.

            But a few factors will definitely come into play when Jordan is weeding through his options.

            “Obviously, academics, that’s what’s gonna carry you in life,” he said. “Also, the relationship with the coaches, that’s important to me. I wanna like the coaches, who I’m being coached by every day. Then, I’m a big weight room guy, so how the strength and conditioning program is and if they’re getting results and interacting with the players as much as the coaches are.”

            The Hokies might have just offered Friday, but they’ve been in contact with Jordan for a while. And he’s liked what he’s seen. Jordan first visited Blacksburg for a recruiting camp last summer.

            “It’s a great school and they have great football there,” Jordan said. “Coach (Frank) Beamer has developed them into a juggernaut. They have great football down there. Where I live, you’re either Virginia Tech or UVA and you tend to see a lot more Virginia Tech. It’s definitely been on my mind a lot.”

            It’s been a team effort in the Hokies’ recruitment. Assistant coaches Vance Vice and Holmon Wiggins have been in contact and visited him. And coach Justin Fuente is the one who made the offer.

            “Coach Wiggins, he’s a pretty cool guy,” Jordan said. “Coach Vice, when I met him, when he stopped by, he’s intense and into what he’s doing. I was on the phone with Coach Fuente the other day. Just from talking to him, he believes in what they have in Blacksburg and they’re gonna be really successful down there.”

            This spring, Jordan said he took in visits to Maryland, Pittsburgh, Virginia and Syracuse. Each stop had something that resonated with him.

            “Maryland, I was there for practice and they were really intense,” Jordan said. “Coach (DJ) Durkin got into his players. They were hard-hitting and energetic. Pitt, I went up for a junior day, got to see the facilities, got to spend time with Coach (John) Peterson, the offensive line coach. I got to go to a basketball game and we really saw the energy that Pitt has. UVA, the same thing, it was junior day. We got to see the inside of the stadium, see the locker room, and go to a basketball game, so we saw all the energy. Syracuse, I went for the spring game and that was great to see. They had a lot of people and I was kinda surprised. After that I got to see facilities and spend time with the coaching staff.”

            Jordan has more visits on the way. On Saturday, he’ll be on hand for Virginia’s recruiting camp. On June 17, Jordan will be back at Virginia Tech, the next day he’ll be at Maryland and he’ll conclude his planned visits June 25-26 on a stop at Pittsburgh.

            “I already know where some of my schools are,” Jordan said. “The schools I’m really looking at, they’re all pretty dead even. There’s no one out in front of the pack.”

            As far as a decision timeline, Jordan said he isn’t sure. It’ll be based more on his gut and when he feels comfortable with a choice.

            “I’m gonna narrow it down pretty soon and take my visits in June,” Jordan said. “I would like to decide before the season starts. But if I need more time, I’ll push it to September or October. I’m not on a timeline, but I would like to narrow things soon to know definitively where I’m gonna visit.”

            And in the meantime, Jordan said he has more to do in preparation for his senior season.

            “Right now, I think I’m doing well in the weight room,” he said. “You can always get stronger. I need to use my hands better. Hand placement is big. I have shorter arms, so I need to be really violent and accurate with my hands. That’ll bring everything else together with the rest of my game.”

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