Tim Settle, Travon McMillian, Terrell Edmunds & Parker Osterloh on VT's fall camp

Settle's weight, Osterloh's persistence among early storylines at Virginia Tech's fall camp.

Just a few months ago, redshirt freshman defensive tackle Tim Settle weighed 353 pounds. But after a summer in which he dedicated himself to getting in better shape and increasing his endurance, Settle reported to fall camp last week at 328 pounds.

The transformation has allowed Settle to be 'feeling himself,' as coach Justin Fuente said yesterday. But Settle said he feels like a different person and a different and better player. He's able to stay on the field longer and hopefully will contribute more, thanks to a conditioning program from strength and conditioning coach Ben Hilgart. 

Settle's improved weight and endurance are just one storyline early in the Hokies' fall camp. Junior offensive tackle Parker Osterloh has also drawn rave reviews, though he wasn't quite the high-profile addition that Settle was last year. And with his dropped weight, Settle said he hopes he can have a bigger impact. 

"I really wanna shout out to Coach Hilgart for that," Settle said. "He was passionate about that. He was so passionate about it, that I was passionate about it. It was easy. I reached my goal every week and everyone was happy."

For Osterloh, it's a matter of steady improvement over his time in Blacksburg. And Osterloh hopes to continue to do so, thanks to his also dropping significant weight during the summer. He's now at 326 pounds.

"It was something that needed to happen," Osterloh said. "Since I've been here, I've had a history of gaining weight and losing weight and gaining weight and losing weight. It'll be interesting to see how much weight I've actually lost without going up and down the scale. But the way our offense works now and how fast-paced it is, it's something I needed to do to be able to compete." 

Check out the above video for the full interviews of Settle, Osterloh, running back Travon McMillian and cornerback Terrell Edmunds after practice yesterday.

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