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Calling all Hokies!

This season marks my fifth covering Virginia Tech athletics and recruiting, though my first on the Scout.com network. But lucky for you, I've brought what I consider an all-star supporting cast and all my previous contacts. I can't reveal them, but rest assured I speak to them on a daily basis, whether that's shooting an occasional text message or meeting sources for lunch in the NRV. And unlike some of my competitors, I live here in the NRV.

It's true, I'm not a Hokie by trade. I graduated from Western Kentucky University, home of one of the best journalism programs in the country (Just check any Hearst Awards from the previous 20 years, the Oscars of the journalism world). But not being tied has truly helped me deliver the most accurate recruiting coverage out there. You won't get any biased info here, only facts, good or bad on recruiting targets. But I believe that's what fans are looking for, fair, honest coverage. Of course, our entire staff is made up of Virginia Tech graduates or students, including a former player whom you might recognize, Derrick 'Skip' Hopkins, who manned the defensive tackle spot for the Hokies through the 2013 season and was a three-year starter.

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