Safety Jordyn Peters breaks down top three

Safety Jordyn Peters is set to make his decision from a top three that includes Virginia Tech. He goes over his finalists and choice.

            Tomorrow morning, Muscle Shoals (Ala.) safety Jordyn Peters plans to have his commitment all ready. He doesn’t want to even give details on what time it will be or how he will reveal his choice, but Peters said he’s ready.

            Peters will be choosing from a top three of Virginia Tech, Auburn and Ole Miss. Plenty went into getting to this point and a few big factors went into getting to his selection.

            “It’s just the overall feeling I have at the school,” Peters said. “It’s what’s best for me and where I have great connections with the coaches. I do have great connections at all three schools.”

            Peters has seen all three of his finalists at least once. He’s been most recently to Auburn, on July 23 and made his first and only visit to Virginia Tech two days prior to that. Peters said he also visited Ole Miss a pair of times most recently, this summer.

            Going into his announcement, Peters broke down each of his top three, in alphabetical order:

Auburn: “When I went down there, I had a great feeling with Coach (Wesley) McGriff. We hit it off and we have a great connection. There’s just a family feeling I get when I go there. I’ve always known about it too, from being in Alabama.”

Ole Miss: “Again with that family feeling. Every time I leave there, it’s just like going home, too. Also, I have Coach Barney (Farrar), so we can relate really good. I have a really good connection with him, also.”

Virginia Tech: “It actually surprised me when I went up there. It gave me more of an SEC feel, how they carry their football program. They have solid facilities and it just surprised me, how they carried their football. Usually up north, it’s not usually a priority. Up north, it gets iffy. But at V-Tech, I saw that and I had that feeling that I could possibly play there.”

            Whichever school Peters chooses tomorrow, his recruitment might not yet be over with. Peters said he’ll play that decision by ear.

            “It’ll most likely be final,” he said. “But I still would like to get out to my officials to make sure. In case something catches my eye, but it’ll most likely be final.”

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