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Forward De'Vondre Perry goes through his top five, which includes Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is among five finalists for wing De'Vondre Perry, but why did each make the cut? He gives all the details.

            There’s 18 total offers in for Baltimore Poly (Md.) forward De'Vondre Perry. But on Monday, he announced that only five schools are still in the running.

            Perry now has a top five of Virginia Tech, Temple, USC, Kansas State and Seton Hall. He’s already taken a few unofficial visits, but Perry has more on the way that he hopes will narrow his list down even further.

            “A couple of schools that stand out to me, they all fit what I’m looking for,” he said. “They have a family situation and good education. The way the coaches talk to me, I fit what they need. There’s more than one, definitely.”

            To this point, Perry has already been on trips to Temple, West Virginia, Dayton, George Mason and Towson. He has one more unofficial visit left, on Saturday to see the Hokies. Perry also has an official visit planned for Sept. 24 at Virginia Tech, but before then, will officially visit Temple Sept. 1. He’ll talk an unofficial visit to UCONN on Sept. 17.

            With the Hokies, Perry said he’s liked what he’s heard and seen so far, including how he would fit in.

            “I just like Virginia Tech’s system,” he said. “Coach Buzz (Williams), he’s a good person, as well as a good coach. He has a good heart and his energy as a coach reminds of me of my high school coach, Coach Sam (Brand). Then, me and Coach (Christian) Webster, we’ve built a pretty good relationship. They fit all the requirements I’m looking for in a school.”

            Webster, who arrived on staff last month, has been Perry’s primary recruiter since that point. And their relationship has grown since.

            “He’s been the main one I’ve talked to,” Perry said. “We haven’t talked much about how I would fit in there, but we talk a lot about my future beyond basketball. We just talk a lot about life stuff in general.”

            Perry also broke down his other four finalists and why they made this round of cuts.

Temple: “I fit the history of the strong gurds at Temple. They’re in my final five because Coach Dunphy is a down to earth coach. Then, Coach (Aaron) McKie, we built a strong relationship after Coach (Dwayne) Killings left and went to UCONN.”

USC: “Coach (Andy) Enfield, he’s a good coach. And he believed in me when nobody else did. They gave me my second offer, the fall of my junior season and they’ve been loyal ever since.”

Kansas State: “Me and the assistant coach, Chester Frazier, we talk all the time. He tells me all the time, they need some dogs with a killer instinct and that I fit that role perfect.”

Seton Hall: “Me and Coach (Kevin) Willard, we don’t talk much, but when we do, there’s always a connection between us. And with Coach Grant (Billmeier), we pretty much talk all the time and we speak about my future outside of basketball. It’s not always just about basketball.”

            Perry said he likely will take official visits to all five finalists. He said he could commit as early as late September, but would be fine with waiting until after the fall signing period, too.

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