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2020 athlete Javon Swinton making a few visits, including VT

It's early in his recruiting process, but 2020 athlete Javon Swinton is off to a good start and taking in a few visits, including Virginia Tech.

            For now, he’s still awaiting his first offer. But while that might not be the case for long, North Stafford (Va.) 2020 athlete Javon Swinton is making use of a pair of older teammates getting plenty of looks.

            Swinton has accompanied his teammates, 2018 Scout100 offensive tackle Nana Asiedu and 2019 four-star running back Devyn Ford, to a couple of visits so far. The trio have another one planned next month.

            The looks are giving Swinton a good idea of what to expect when his turn in the recruiting spotlight comes.

            “I really just look for a great atmosphere, good staff and friendly people,” he said. “Just somewhere I’ll live and be comfortable. And a great football program.”


            Last weekend, Swinton and his two teammates visited Virginia Tech for its season-opening win over Liberty. The visit was Swinton’s first to Blacksburg and had a few aspects that stood out.

            “We were around the facility and it was really nice,” he said. “The food is really good, the fields are amazing and just the atmosphere during the game. It was just a really good visit, a great visit.”

            Because of his young age, Swinton hasn’t spoken with many coaches yet. He got his first chance to talk with defensive coordinator Bud Foster, though, briefly after the game.

            “I know he’s been talking to (North Stafford) coach (Joe) Mangano,” Swinton said. “The first time I talked to him was on Saturday. He was just saying I hope you enjoy the gamer. He said I was a good player and he was really nice and he was just a good guy.”

            Nearly three weeks ago, Swinton joined Ford and Asiedu on a brief visit to Virginia. They were on hand for a fall camp practice.

            “It was nice,” Swinton said. “Their team is pretty good. The coaches are really cool and energetic. I only went to a practice, so I didn’t see the atmosphere, but their facility is pretty good.”

            With no hurry in his recruitment, Swinton is devoting more time to his craft. He’s played at wide receiver, running back, quarterback and as a defensive back.

            “When I talk to people, they tell me I’m more of an athlete, so they can put me wherever they want,” Swinton said. “I don’t have a preference. It’s tough with all of ‘em, but the people on my team and the coaches just help me out a lot.”

            Swinton, Asiedu and Ford will visit North Carolina Oct. 8 and Swinton also hopes to see Charlotte soon. But in the meantime, he hopes to spend more time working on what he can control, the work on and off the field.

            “I think I’m good right now, but I have a lot of room for improvement,” Swinton said. “The way Coach talks to me, I think I’ve barely touched the surface. I think I can get a lot better as a player. I need to work on getting stronger, definitely, I’m still growing, but getting in the weight room will help me with my game. Making quicker cuts and just working overall.”

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