Three-star cornerback Benjamin St. Juste is committed to Michigan, but giving a look to the Hokies.

Will St. Juste visit Virginia Tech any time soon? He gives the details on where he stands with the Wolverines and who is still under consideration.

            Football isn’t quite the craze in Canada as it is to its neighbor to the south. Sure, there’s the Canadian Football League, but the draw isn’t the same as it is with the NFL.

            Montreal Cegep du Vieux (QC) three-star cornerback Benjamin St. Juste hopes to be one of the guys to increase the profile of football up north.

            Since June of last year, St. Juste has been committed to Michigan. That remains the case, but others have kept an eye on his progress. And over the next few months, St. Juste plans to get a closer look at his other options.

            “Through the year after I committed, I didn’t get any more offers,” he said. “I got one more from Virginia Tech and interest from Rutgers, but there’s no other team that’s offering me something better or bigger than Michigan. I don’t feel the pressure to decommit or anything. I only saw Michigan, so I need to take other visits.”

            St. Juste said he still has a great bond with the Wolverines staff. And despite his willingness to look around, he stays in steady contact with Michigan.

            “I have a strong relationship with my position coach, the safety coach,” St. Juste said. “I don’t talk to all the coaches, but all the coaches on defense show me a good and strong relationship. I talk with them every two days. The coaches text me to check on me and get some info.”

            Virginia Tech and Rutgers have maintained contact with St. Juste, especially of late. Assistant coach Brian Mitchell has been the Hokies’ primary contact and St. Juste said he likes what he’s heard.

            “I talk with Coach Mitchell and Bud Foster and I talked last week with Coach (Justin) Fuente,” St. Juste said. “It’s been some great conversations. We talked about DBU, all the players that came through Virginia Tech and how they want me at the position. They wanna play more press, man coverage and I’m a tall and speedy corner. We talk about the games and Coach Foster tells me if I come, I’m gonna be family, we’ll talk like this every day. It’s some great talk. I’m really looking forward to my visit.”

            St. Juste has yet to see Virginia Tech in any capacity. But the aspiring video editor has an official visit set Nov. 26 when the Hokies host Virginia.

            “From all the talk, it seems like they’re a good program,” St. Juste said. “They play in a good deiviing, they just need some new playmakers. They’re under construction right now. They’re not contending for a national title this year, but maybe in a few years. They have a great school, and the rest I need to figure out when I go on my official. I need to talk to them, see the field, see the fans and talk about the defensive scheme, if I have a chance to play my freshman year.”

            St. Juste has yet to set a date for a visit to Rutgers. But he said he hopes to make a visit once his senior season is over. St. Juste did make a quick unofficial visit after a camp in May.

            “It was a quick visit for a barbecue,” he said. “I talked with Coach (Chris) Ash and my position coach. They seem like cool coaches. They wanna play press man, they like my size and they wanna work with me. We talk about pretty much everything. They check to see how I’m doing, give good info. I’ll be visiting after the season. The last time I went, it was too quick.”

            But despite his visits, St. Juste said he remains firmly on board with the Wolverines. Still, he wants to be certain with his decision.

            “I just wanna see what they have to offer, if Michigan is a good choice for me,” St. Juste said. I’m not going in with the mindset to decommit. The chances I decommit are not that high. I know what Michigan is offering me, on the field and in academics. That’s tough to beat.”

            Regardless of his final selection, St. Juste said he’s also confident he can succeed on the field in the U.S. He still loves and grew up playing hockey, but he got a sense of how he stacks up this summer.

            “I thought that I would have to adapt to the American level, but it turns out I’m just a good athlete playing with other guys,” St. Juste said. “We have great athletes here. I didn’t have a lot of difficulty adapting when I went to The Opening finals. I saw and played with the top guys out there. I didn’t have any difficulty, because I was ready.”

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