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Four-star DE TyJuan Garbutt checks out Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh

TyJuan Garbutt has visited ACC schools on consecutive weekends and the East's No. 3 defensive end spoke with Scout about the trips.

TyJuan Garbutt decommitted from Virginia Tech in July, but the Hokies still appear to be the team to beat.

"Virginia Tech is still my top school," he said. "I've been down there so much and around the staff a lot. Pittsburgh is up there, too, but Virginia Tech still has the slight edge."

He has been able to visit each school in the past couple of weeks, with Virginia Tech being his first stop.

"It was a great visit because I got to see coach (Justin) Furente's first game," said the 6-foot-3, 220-pound Garbutt. "The defense looked good and you can tell the program is really on the rise and I feel really good about Virginia Tech. Once everything starts to get rolling, they're going to be a tough team to stop in the ACC. It's not just all defense, they're offense is going to be really good.

"I talked to all the coaches while I was there. I spoke with (defensive coordinator) coach (Bud) Foster and he was telling me how excited they were about the season and the game. He also talked to me about how I'd fit in and said he was happy I was there. I also talked to coach Fuente, which was great, and he just asked how things were going and we talked about Virginia Tech.

"My favorite part was just being back for a game and around the fans. Enter Sandman starts playing, the fans start jumping and then the team runs out --  it's just great. I had a lot of fun at the game. I'll be back up there this weekend."


Last weekend, he was at Pittsburgh.

"It was a rivalry game against Penn State," Garbutt said. "It's a game I had heard a lot about, but had never gotten to see. It was fun to watch live because there were a lot of big plays. I think I enjoyed the environment the most. There was a lot of Pitt fans and Penn State fans there. It was probably the best live sporting event I've watched.

"I talked to a bunch of different coaches and they all let me know that they wanted me and that I was a top target. The staff has done a great job. They made an immediate impact and coach (Pat) Narduzzi is really building the program. You can see the improvement.

"I spoke with coach Narduzzi after the game and he told me they could really use me and that this was just the beginning of what they are trying to build at Pittsburgh. He has a lot of enthusiasm and you can tell he has fun coaching. It meant a lot that he took the time to talk to me."

Other than the two aforementioned schools, Garbutt is still considering Georgia and Florida and Maryland is trying to make a late push.

What is next for the Riverbend standout?

"I'm going to Virginia Tech again this weekend,"Garbutt said. "I'm also going to go back to Pittsburgh and visit Georgia, Florida and possibly Maryland. All will probably be unofficial visits and then I'll likely take officials after the season. I don't have a definitive date for a decision."

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