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Donovan Johnson made his first visit to Virginia Tech this past weekend and gave all the details.

Three-star cornerback Donovan Johnson made his first official visit over the weekend, to Virginia Tech. But where else is he looking to visit? He explains.

            For the first time, Cass Tech (Mich.) three-star cornerback Donovan Johnson got a first-hand look at Virginia Tech. This past weekend, Johnson made his first official visit, for the Hokies’ blowout win over Boston College, with his father.

            The visit gave Johnson and his dad plenty to talk about on the flight home. But more visits are still imminent. For now, though, Johnson has a much better understanding of Virginia Tech.

            “We were basically on the same page,” Johnson said of talking over the visit with his father. “We liked it a lot. We’ve just gotta hurry up and see my other schools, then hopefully we can make a decision.”

            Johnson and his dad arrived in Blacksburg Saturday morning and stayed until late Sunday afternoon.

            “It was a great place,” Johnson said. “The atmosphere, the people there were just great. When I was there, we landed, I talked to some academic people and then we went to the game. After that, we went to dinner with the coaches, so it was a pretty good deal.”


            During the game, Johnson said he looked for tendencies, like how the secondary was used and how the atmosphere was. After the game, he hung out with the players as well.

            “Game day there is pretty intense,” Johnson said. “The crowd was great and I loved the entrance. Before the game, I was on the field and the stadium was nice from there. They had a great game. They were just on point as a team. It was just great.”

            Even before the game, Johnson said he had a great relationship with assistant coach Brian Mitchell that dated back to Mitchell’s time on the West Virginia staff last season. Johnson said they caught up, but that he also spoke at length with defensive coordinator Bud Foster.

            “My relationship with (Mitchell) and Coach Foster is great. They said they loved me, want me and need me there,” Johnson said. “Nothing against Virginia Tech, I just have to see other schools too to make my best decision. Virginia Tech is great, I just have to see another school then I’ll be ready to make my decision.”

            Both coaches watched film with Johnson and also gave him a better sense of how he would be used with the Hokies.

            “They both said they wanted me to be an impact player,” Johnson said. “They said they want me to play my first year. They said I’d start off at nickel and then work my way over to corner.”

            For now, Johnson said he has no other visits planned. He said he’s currently looking at possible official visits to Penn State, Oregon, Missouri and Arizona but upcoming events are pushing back any trips.

            “That’s the thing, I don’t know when I’ll be able to take my officials,” Johnson said. “My next two weeks are Saturday games, then homecoming and another Saturday game. I might have to do it after the season. I want to hurry up, but it’s just the way things are going right now, I have to wait.”

            What Johnson and his father have spoken about is where his game is right now and where they hope for it to be.

            “I feel like I’ve played pretty good,” Johnson said. “But right now, I’m just playing alright and I need to work on staying disciplined a little more. Don’t fall asleep on the field so when the tough games come around, so I’ll be on point.”

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