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BJ Mack, Keyshaun Langley and Kobe Langley all detail decision to commit to Virginia Tech.

On Thursday night, 2019 three-star center Brian 'BJ' Mack II and 2019 twins Keyshaun Langley and Kobe Langley committed to VT, then gave TheVTZone.com all the details.

            Two and a half years away, Virginia Tech might already have its 2019 recruiting class sewn up.

            On Thursday night, the Hokies picked up commitments from Charlotte Christian (NC) three-star center Brian 'B.J.' Mack II and Southwest Guilford (NC) twins Keyshaun Langley and Kobe Langley. Mack ran with Team United this past summer while the Langleys both play for CP3.

            All three unofficially visited Virginia Tech Saturday for the football game against Boston College. But when they woke up this morning, they didn’t plan to make a commitment. By the end of the afternoon, however, after talking with the Hokies staff, they had made up their minds. And earlier tonight, they made it official.

            “I think they gave us an opportunity,” Kobe said. “When we went there, we felt welcome. We like the coaching staff and the fans are just crazy. They gave us a lot of love.”

            All three were recruited primarily by assistant coach Steve Roccaforte. But there was certainly a bond with coach Buzz Williams as well.

            “I just liked how it’s like a family and Coach Buzz keeps everyone intact with each other,” Mack said. “He told me if I got hurt and could never play, that I would be safe with the school and stuff.”


            Team United is also no stranger to Virginia Tech. Former Hokies Jarrell Eddie, Marquis Rankin and Dorenzo Hudson all played on the AAU circuit for Team United.

            As a parent, the distance, the closeness and the connection with the coaches all made the Langleys’ father, Keyford Langley, happy with the decision his sons made.

            “It’s an amazing staff and I’ve never been around a staff that it felt so genuine,” he said. “All the way from the top to the managers, the custodians, everybody felt so genuine. Everything just felt right. This was my fourth time there. My wife, her second. We were driving back and we were saying the same thing. The boys felt good about the situation. We prayed about it, talked to several of our close people and it’s been an easy decision, really. I know Buzz is a straight-forward guy. I’ve been following him since Marquette. He demands a lot from his players and that’s how my boys wanna be coached. To me, it’s a great fit.”


            Mack, a 6’8”center, gives Virginia Tech a future needed post presence. He’s competing at the Elite 75 camp this weekend and John Lucas’ Midwest Invitational Oct. 1.

            “I hope to get a lot stronger, to where I compete against older kids, I can do more,” Mack said. “My game is good for high school. But when I get to college, I know I have to get a lot stronger and better. I just feel like I can do my back to the basket or step out. I can do both.”

            Mack’s father, Brian Mack, said he believes the Hokies can further develop his son, who also might not be done growing just yet.

            “As a dad, it’s a comfort zone that not only will he be able to go to a good school, play for a great coach, but what he’s able to do is go in and be with some guys he’s comfortable with,” Brian said. “That will definitely be a plus for him.”


            Both Langleys are 6’1” but Kobe weighs a bit more at 160 pounds. Keshaun is 155 pounds. Both also consider themselves combo guards, though they typically play on the floor together at the same time.

            “We just take turns and learn from each other,” Keshaun said. “It just comes natural to play together.”

            For the Langley twins, as well as BJ Mack, there’s still two and a half years of high school remaining. There will likely be other opportunities that present themselves. But for all three, there’s a sense of comfort in knowing they’ll be playing together at the college level, for a coach and at a place they feel comfortable.

            “I feel like we can shine in the back court and do a lot,” Kobe said. “BJ can help us offensively and defensively. We feel like we’ll have a big impact when we get there.”

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