Coach Justin Fuente and the Hokies hope to make good use of their bye week.

Virginia Tech is on a bye this weekend, but coach Justin Fuente still hopes to make more progress this week, as he explained Monday in his weekly press conference.

Virginia Tech's players are never on the field for the national anthem, at least at Lane Stadium. But coach Justin Fuente was asked Monday what he would do if one of his players wanted to demonstrate or raise awareness for a cause.

"Whether it’s the national anthem or some other cause, whatever it is, I would hope that our kids would come to me and talk about those things and figure out a way to genuinely help whatever cause it is that they feel strongly about," Fuente said. "And give us the opportunity to discuss how it is they can help that cause. And knowing that I’m going to support them in their stance and what they truly believe in.

"But also, let’s find a way to help that cause that maybe can help our football team or not cause huge distractions for our football team as well, is the way I hope that got handled if it ever came up for us."

Check out the video above for Fuente's full response, plus how the Hokies are handling the bye week.

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